We all look forward to Dreamforce all year long. We know it will be hard work, inspiring, rewarding and simply awesome! As Admins, there is always the added pressure to learn all the things so you can go back to the office equipped to carry out the vision you and your company have developed while at Dreamforce. Well this year, you Trailblazers absolutely rocked Dreamforce. Here’s why:


1. You powered the Admin experience


The Salesforce for Admins experience is all about making it easy for Admins to connect with and learn from each other. 100s of experienced Admins volunteered their time to share expertise in 130+ breakout and theater sessions, 8 demo booths and the Admin Meadow welcome desk. It’s impossible to imagine the amount of knowledge shared from one generation of Admin Trailblazers to the next, but the mere thought blows our minds in a really good way.

Thank you to ALL the amazing Admin experience volunteers!


2. You learned a lot


You earned so many badges during Dreamforce that together we donated $50,000 to nonprofits. Every badge earned contributed $10 to that goal!

And you packed the house at the Salesforce for Admins Keynote. You learned from awesome fellow Trailblazers, Erik Peterson at Tuff Shed, Shonnah Hughes at Minneapolis Institute of Art and Bindu Jallabah at Girl Develop It about what they are doing to champion productivity, deliver innovation and build connections at their companies. Not to mention a little Karaoke fun!


3. You blazed trails together


Every time we turned around, onsite and on social, we saw new friendships forming and global friends giving great big hugs, as expected for our biggest family reunion! We wanted to capture as many amazing moments as possible, so we asked you to share your favorite moments on our #AdminOhana picture mosaic, which is now at Salesforce HQ with more than 2K pictures of your smiling faces.

Check out the #AdminOhana Storify collection for a glimpse of some of the most fun moments.


4. You brought the F U N


Our Trailblazer community is one of a kind. And, one of the things we embrace proudly is to have a little fun! You brought the fun by participating in activities like the Process Automation showdown brought to you by #AwesomeAdmin Jen Lee, Karaoke, Lip Sync Battle won by Adam Olshansky, and Bingo in the Admin Theater making the theater THE place to be.

You completed the quest, played the SWAG wheel and interacted with Ranger Megan to help bring the fun to people virtually.


5. You show the world the true meaning of Trailblazer


As Parker Harris said in the Salesforce for Admins keynote, your love for Salesforce and the way you proliferate the Trailblazer spirit helped us form the original definition of Trailblazer. As our Ohana grows, your commitment to lifelong learning, innovation, and making the world a better place is capturing hearts and minds all over the world.

Salesforce fell in love with Stephanie Herrera’s Trailblazer story, which was shared via a beautiful short film in the main keynote. If you haven’t already, watch Stephanie’s Trailblazer story video to learn how she got involved with Salesforce, the Trailblazer Community, and incredible programs like Salesforce Saturday, Vetforce, and PepUptech. PepUp Tech co-founder Rebe de la Paz talked about PepUp Tech in the Trailhead Keynote. And, Gillian Bruce talked to Stephanie and two amazing new Trailblazers on Salesforce Live.

Since 2014, we’ve awarded 30+ Admin Trailblazer Awards at Dreamforce and Salesforce World Tour events. Last year Zac Otero received the first Golden Hoodie along with the Admin Trailblazer Award and the hashtag #lifewithgoldie was born. This year, we had so much good happening in the community, we awarded THREE Golden Hoodies!

  • Scott Luikart got a Golden Hoodie from Parker Harris in the Admin Keynote for his work bringing Trailhead and access to learning to Homeless LGBT youth at Montrose Grace Place in Houston, TX.
  • John Lay received a Golden Hoodie in the Service Cloud Keynote for his love of learning with Trailhead — he has 300+ badges — and incredible work with Service Cloud.
  • Jesse Grothaus received a Golden Hoodie in Trailhead keynote because we love how he discovered Salesforce and Trailhead via Vetforce, used Trailhead to follow Doctor’s orders to “learn a new language” as part of recovery from a traumatic brain injury, and now he’s leading by example for a new cohort of Vetforce participants!

We were so excited to connect with all the Admin award winners who were at Dreamforce to give them Golden Hoodies, and we got a great group photo! Soon there will be some serious shine all over the world because we’re getting golden hoodies for all past award winners and looking for new incredible Admins as the tour continues in 2018!

Want to learn more about our Admin Trailblazer award winners? Check out the Admin Trailblazer Award winners page and this Admin Podcast playlist with past Admin Trailblazer award winners.

Thanks for being awesome, #AwesomeAdmins!