We’re thrilled to announce the Salesforce Pathfinder Training Program, a workforce development program designed to address the skills gap by providing participants from diverse backgrounds with the technical and business training they need to obtain jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

The program is being launched in collaboration with Deloitte, who will provide training in soft skills, business acumen and effective communication.

The program will pilot in Indianapolis, Indiana where in May, we opened Salesforce Tower Indianapolis. As the largest hub outside of our San Francisco global headquarters, we’re committed to training 500 local workers for careers in technology over the next three years. To source qualified candidates, Salesforce will partner with Indiana-based Ivy Tech Community College, the nation’s largest accredited statewide community college, as well as local Indianapolis based veterans organizations.

Over a four-month program, these Trailblazers will train for Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Administrator jobs which are two of the top 10 jobs in America. The program will consist of classroom training and online learning via Trailhead, Salesforce’s free, gamified online learning platform. Core to our corporate values is equality and a critical piece of equality is leveling the playing field when it comes to access to education, pay and opportunities. This year, companies across the U.S. will hire more than 300,000 Salesforce Administrators and Salesforce Developers and we’re thrilled to provide Pathfinder graduates these opportunities.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is reshaping every business, industry, economy, and widening the gap between available skilled jobs and employees with those skills. There are nearly six million youth unemployed and 22 percent of veterans seeking employment (Prudential).

“Lack of educational opportunities hinders people looking to enter the workforce or change their careers-- whether young adults, veterans or adults in career transition,” said Ana Recio, SVP of Global Recruiting, Salesforce. “With the Pathfinder Training Program we are creating and supporting programs for reskilling and professional development that are accessible to our local communities.”

Once the program completes, Deloitte has committed to interview graduates of the Pathfinder Training Program and plans to provide internships and other employment opportunities to 10 percent of qualified graduates. “Deloitte is a recognized leader in inclusion and diversity. We believe a diverse, empowered workforce offers a better experience for our employees and a better outcome for our clients,” said Jennifer Steinmann, Chief Transformation Officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

We’ve heard amazing stories of Trailblazers like Stephanie Herrera and we’re excited to unlock the next generation of Salesforce talent. To learn more about the Pathfinder program and how you can learn the necessary skills for the jobs of tomorrow, head here