Dreamforce 2017 was the biggest and most memorable for the Salesforce Platform. With different demos, activities, booths, and sessions all over the Dreamforce campus, we have highlighted the top 10 for you. If you didn’t make it to Dreamforce, we have you covered.


1. Check out the exciting announcements from the Salesforce Platform Keynote that will help every Trailblazer be more productive!


We announced so many exciting new products and features at our Salesforce Platform Keynote. As a sneak preview, we introduced myLightning, which allows you to customize Lightning for your business. With a brand new design system and theming, your Salesforce org can have your branding and colors. Heroku Shield extends our trust and security tools to the apps you build on Heroku. myIoT is your way to get started with IoT technology. And there is much more in store with the Salesforce Platform. Watch our Keynote and learn about all the new updates in store:


2. We sat under the stars of innovation to learn about how Northern Trust is blazing trails at the IT Observatory



Attendees sat under the stars in our IT Observatory to learn about how Northern Trust builds a better advisor and customer experience on the Salesforce Platform. Live on stage, the presenters and audience created a live wealth manager onboarding and second customer community app in under 10 minutes with clicks not code. The encore gave the wealth management team responsive superpowers with code by feeding stock data into Salesforce, creating real-time goal and portfolio monitoring, and automating wealth management team processes.


3. Got inspired by the Trailblazers who make IT fun again


We were lucky to interview over 40 amazing Trailblazers on the Salesforce Platform during Dreamforce this year. From fun gifs to a couple interview questions, they were able to have it all. Keep an eye out for our Trailblazer Spotlights coming soon!


4. Learned from Ducati connected bike demos at the Campground


Our Salesforce Platform area in the Campground was full of product demos and theater sessions that piqued all interests. Demos with Ducati displayed the full range of the Platform, even featuring Einstein Vision to identify what kind of glove!




5. Escaped from Codey’s Secret Cabin with a honey-tracking app


Codey’s Secret Cabin escape room was a success! The mission was to help Codey build a honey-tracking app and deliver honey to Earnie Badger on time in under 10 minutes. We had everyone from friends to coworkers to strangers all working together.


6. Build an app (even if know zero coding!) at Camp Innovation


At Camp Innovation, attendees identified real business problems, brainstormed, and built the apps. These Trailblazers built real apps to bring back to their companies! Who knew you would come to Dreamforce not only to learn, but also to get work done?


7. Explored the IoT Smart City at the IoT Grove


(Click above to see the video)

Those at Dreamforce got to experience two cities: San Francisco and the IoT Smart City. Powered by myIoT, the IoT Smart City was a mini metropolis featuring eight different demos. A fantastic six-foot Lego Salesforce Tower served as the centerpiece to the whole city. Check out the video to learn about a couple IoT use cases displayed in the Smart City.


8. We Built an App in 5 Minutes on Salesforce Live

They said we couldn’t do it, but on live television, we did. In the center of the Trailhead Zone, we built an app to handle volunteers and events in just five minutes. Salesforce Live captured the feat, so you can watch it here!


9. Spent a magical Night in the Sky with Bill Nye


There ain’t no party like a Bill Nye party! At the Salesforce Platform Night in the Sky with Bill Nye, our partygoers heard an amazing talk about the importance of science and customer success from the Science Guy. With a donut bar to a bacon bar, everyone left with full minds and bellies.




10. Catch up on the best sessions on IT Trends, Building Apps, and Customer Experience

Last, but not least, the Salesforce Platform hosted so many amazing sessions. Here are just a few that you can watch:

Great Appventure Contest
We challenged our customers to create the most innovative apps. 7-11, TD Bank, and ETE REMAN, joined us for a session about the winning apps they created.

(Work)Flows, Processes, Triggers & More...How to See the Forest for the Trees
The legendary Salesforce MVP Jennifer Lee accompanied the Salesforce Platform in a session on the process automation tools available, why to use one tool versus another, how to manage your automation efforts as you grow, and how to untangle any messes along-the-way.

The Second Annual State of IT: Top Trends in Business Technology
IT is in the midst of the biggest historical shift in its role. Watch the session with Salesforce Chief Digital Evangelist, Vala Afshar, as he dives into key findings from the Second Annual State of IT Report.