Trailhead is the fun way to learn Salesforce. Just like the “trailhead” you use to access a network of hiking trails, our Trailhead is a centralized access point for over 50 learning paths on topics ranging from product knowledge and leadership training to business trends. Whether you’re an admin just starting out, a graduate fresh from college, a seasoned Salesforce user, or someone who just loves to learn, Trailhead is a good first stop on your way.

Every journey begins with a single step — and so does every trail.

You may be wondering how you can use Trailhead to chart your own course through Salesforce. Lucky for you, getting started with Trailhead is easy. Lessons are organized into trails, modules, and units that provide guided learning paths suited to specific roles or needs. You can follow pre-defined trails or blaze your own trail by picking and choosing the modules you’re most interested in. The point of Trailhead is to make learning accessible, so there’s content for everyone, at every level of experience — not to mention plenty of material for learning outside of Salesforce.

A good foundation in Trailhead basics will not only help you become a Salesforce master, but can also help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to advance your career. And the best part? You can get movin’ and groovin’ in Trailhead in only five steps. So, why wait? Let’s get started:


1. Create an Account

Before you can step foot on a trail, module, or project in Trailhead you first need to create an account. This is your homebase for completing challenges, earning badges and tracking your progress. Just click the green “Sign Up” button from anywhere within Trailhead and select whether you’d like to log in using a social identity (Google, LinkedIn or Facebook) or your Salesforce login. Decide what best suits your needs: a social identity allows you to keep your Trailhead profile no matter where your career takes you, but a Salesforce login lets your company see all the awesome learning your doing. Of course, you can always change your login preferences later under settings.


2. Learn Trailhead Basics (and earn your first badge!)

You bet we created a trail about doing trails! (It’s so meta.) This is the perfect module to kick-off your Trailhead journey, while also setting you up for success on all your future learning paths. Search “Trailhead Basics” in the search box to find this quick, 15-minute module. It’ll run through the basics of getting started, finding your way around Trailhead, troubleshooting, as well as answer frequently asked questions. Plus, once you complete all three units in the module you’ll earn your first badge and elevate your Trailblazer rank to Hiker. Woo hoo!


3. Find New Trails With Filters

Did we mention we have over 50 trails on Trailhead? That’s a lot, which can make finding what you’re looking for feel overwhelming. That’s why we created filters (aka your new best friend). To find the right trail, module or project, use any of 34 different filters to search by role, level, product, and more. If you’re new to Trailhead, we recommend checking out all learning paths categorized as “Beginner” (just like Stacy did in her Trailblazer story here). Why don’t you give these Beginner favorites a try: CRM Basics, Salesforce Ohana Culture, and Lightning Experience Basics.


4. Sharpen Your Industry Knowledge

Sure, Trailhead is a powerful tool for getting started with Salesforce, but the scope of what you can learn on Trailhead goes much further. For starters, you can choose from several learning paths designed to improve business acumen, get you up to speed on trending business topics, and (hopefully) impress your boss. Dive in with these recommended trails: Learn About the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Get Smart with Salesforce Einstein, or Learn Drucker School MBA Essentials.


5. Create a Trailmix

Remember the days of mixtapes and burned CDs? It was a way of customizing your music experience and sharing it with others. Trailhead has something similar called, Trailmixes. But instead of a mix of songs, Trailmixes are made of hand-picked modules, projects, trails, and superbadges. You can name it whatever you want, keep it to yourself, or share it with others. They’re also an excellent way to set personal learning goals, contribute your expertise to the Trailblazer community, or onboard a new employee. The Earn Badges as You Go is a great one for making the most of your commute and learning on-the-go.  

Now, that wasn’t too scary, was it? With these five easy steps, you’ll be ready to get your learning on with Trailhead. You may be a Hiker today, but who knows what you’ll achieve tomorrow. Remember, the Ranger rank is only 99 badges away! Happy trails!

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