This year at Dreamforce ‘17, Salesforce Ventures, our corporate Venture arm and Salesforce for Startups, our startup portal, worked hand in hand to bring 28 startup Trailblazers to the Startup Valley with the goal to inspire you.

To spread the energy of Startup Valley beyond the show, we’ve captured a ton of startup stories to turn them into 25 short but inspiring soundtracks.


Leveraging AI To Transform the Enterprise


AI is a real game-changer for businesses, but companies still need to operationalize the deployment of AI across their business to take advantage of the benefits.

Let’s see how these Trailblazing startups are helping their customers' leverage AI to transform their businesses:



Photo: Crowdflower showcasing their AI platform to potential customers in the Startup Valley.

As we all know, AI is all about the data. Your algorithm and models are only as good as the data that you feed into it. And that’s where Crowdflower comes in. As Randi Barshack, the CMO of Crowdflower says “the Crowdflower platform enables a full range of clients participating in AI & machine learning to upload unstructured data and get it collected, cleaned, labeled, categorized or whatever needs to happen to that data in order to create quality training data sets,” and continually improve your models. Take a listen to hear about how they are working with Kiva to build the most diverse set of training data in the world:



Photo: Salesforce Ventures’ Meredith Finn with Srihari Kumar, CEO of ZenIQ

Srihari Kumar, the CEO of ZenIQ, an account-based marketing orchestration platform that enables marketers to scale account based marketing and sales actions. As Srihari says “marketing is great first thing to tackle with AI.” Often times, marketers have a lot of their systems already integrated with Salesforce, the data you need to leverage AI is already there. Once you have your data, it can be mined for AI activities. For example,  ZenIQ can show you your ideal customer profile is based on all your activities and then show you what the next best action is to drive account engagement and move the deals forward.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Srihari’s predictions for what’s next in AI for the enterprise:



Photo: Dan Darcy, SVP of Global Enablement at Salesforce of interviews CEO of FullStory, Scott Voigt. 

Built by a team of Google engineers, FullStory captures all your customer experience data in one powerful, easy-to-use platform. Any team with a stake in the customer’s success can access the data to augment customer support (no more asking for screenshots), understand your customers usage of a product or even help you improve your site -- all while leveraging the powerful built in machine learning & AI capabilities. Ever ‘raged’ clicked on website because a link didn’t do what you wanted, or simply didn’t work at all? Well, FullStory can help you pinpoint those in your own company's site, Scott Voigt, CEO of FullStory says FullStory can “intelligently surface key moments of potential user frustration” so you can improve your site and your user experience.

Listen to the full story (get it?):  



AI is the top growth area for sales teams with its adoption by sales teams forecasted to grow 139% over the next three years. And Highspot is well positioned to help sales teams benefit from using AI to streamline their processes by solving a problem that’s plagued sales reps for years – getting the right content at the right time to help close customers. Robert Wahbe, CEO of Highspot, explains, “we help marketing and sales enable the modern seller as we give them all the right content, all the right training and all the right readiness.”

Listen to the full conversation:


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