The Trailblazer ecosystem is expansive, to say the least. These are the people and companies doing amazing things with Salesforce. You may have run into them at meetups, in your own organizations, or even on social media. But what makes this community so vast and powerful is that they embody Trailblazer qualities all areas of their lives, whether that’s bravely following a new career path, innovating a business, selflessly lending a helping hand, or promoting Ohana values at every opportunity.

When we asked our Trailblazers on Twitter what success means to them, these characteristics rang through loudly — more so than typical measures of success like wealth, recognition and fame. Not to get too mushy here, but many of the responses we received gave us all sorts of feels. Some tied in with our company value to give back, saying that a successful life is one where you contribute to the people and communities that helped you succeed. Check out two of our favorites:



Many others took a different angle, instead honing in on inspiration. For them achieving success happens when you can use your experiences to inspire others to be their best self, to live better lives, and to feel confident. Here’s what they said:



We especially love that last one, because @JusticeSikakane couldn’t give just one answer. He followed up his tweet about inspiring others with another one about the importance of family. In fact, many others reiterated the same idea that true success is when you can nurture your family and children. These tweets were especially touching:



Our CEO and founder, Marc Benioff, dreamed of a company with purpose beyond profit — a sentiment echoed by the Trailblazer tweets above. Yet, there’s another element of successful living that we cannot overlook. It’s about approaching life with a greater sense of contentment, happiness and freedom. Thanks @akaCarioca and @SammiBragg for describing that feeling:



So, what does success mean to you? Tell us how you’re embracing the Salesforce values, Ohana and just generally living a Trailblazer life. Tweet us your story using the hashtag #BlazingTrails.