I started on the Salesforce Customer Success Group (CSG) team as a junior employee, and today I'm a Senior Director with a team of my own. It's been quite a journey, during which I had successes and failures, but I always learned. Why? Because I had great leaders and mentors who never stopped teaching me.

I mentor our newer architects and I pass along what I've learned over the years. Here are three lessons I learned from three different mentors that I share with my mentees:

You Were Hired For a Good Reason


Rob Pickeral, CTO, Customer Success Group, hired me almost ten years ago. I had no CRM experience, so one day I asked him: “Why did you hire me? This is a CRM company and I'm only just now learning about CRM.” He didn't answer my question. He just said, “Ask me again in 6 months.” I never had to ask. After a few months of hard work and lessons learned, I didn't wonder why anymore. I had gotten my legs under me and I was confident that I could do this job. Rob had seen something in me during my interviews that made him believe I could do this job, even though it might not have looked that way on paper.

That's what mentors do — they identify talent, even when the candidate isn't the obvious choice. So, you need to trust your mentor that they tapped you for a reason even if you don't necessarily see the path. Building that trust is essential to succeeding.


Leaving Your Comfort Zone Drives Growth


Srin Tangirala, VP, Business Operations, has been a big influencer throughout my entire career. When Srin was my manager, he would throw a new project at me, and I wouldn't always immediately know how to take it on. Sometimes, the project was way out of my comfort zone. But, that's how you learn: being put in uncomfortable, but safe, positions. There were times where I was successful and times where I wasn't. When I wasn't successful, Srin always had a safety net for me. If I hadn't made those leaps, though, I wouldn't be where I am today.


It's Okay To Explore Other Options


In 2011, I was ready for a change. I told Srin that I wanted to try out a product manager within Salesforce to get closer to our products. I also spoke with another mentor, Mary Rowe (Senior Vice President, CSG Regional Lead), about wanting to make a change. Mary told me that it sounded like a good opportunity and wouldn't try to hold me back. It meant a lot to me that two people who were going to be directly affected by my leaving CSG told me it was okay to explore other options. They knew that a mentor doesn't look out for their own personal interests when speaking to their mentees.

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