Happy 2018! Did you make it through the first week? Well, we've rounded up three posts published on the Salesforce Blog this week to end the week on a high note. Enjoy!


My Top 3 Lessons from Leading Sales at Salesforce

Brian Millham joined Salesforce in 1999 as the second sales hire and is now Salesforce's President of AMER Commercial and B2C Sales. Looking back on 17 years with the company, he's sharing his top lessons. Read the post to find out.


5 Ways to Tap Into the Trailblazer Community

From getting questions answered, to local meet-ups, and submitting feature ideas, the Trailblazer Community is a one-stop-shop for connecting with millions of Trailblazers. If you aren’t already involved in the community, there’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to get started. Here are five ways to tap into the Trailblazer Community that are sure to help you be even more successful in 2018:


5 Inspiring, Empowering Stories from 2017

Salesforce.org's CEO Rob Acker shares five of the stories that inspired him this past year. From proposals onstage at Dreamforce to monks that use Salesforce, you'll be empowered by these stories.