Our customer community recently got a new name: the Trailblazer Community. More than a name, this change is a statement about who our customers are as individuals and professionals.

Our Trailblazers are a family of game-changers and lifelong learners who use their Salesforce skills to blaze new trails to success in their careers, companies, and communities. Above all, they are leaders who leave a path for others to follow, In fact, it’s a Trailblazer’s willingness to help others that we love so much — because why spend the time and energy blazing a trail if not one can follow in your footsteps?

This is exactly what the Trailblazer Community is all about.


From getting questions answered, to local meetups, and submitting feature ideas, the Trailblazer Community is a one-stop-shop for connecting with millions of Trailblazers to get help, inspiration, and a fast path to success with Salesforce. If you aren’t already involved in the community, there’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to get started.

Here are five ways to tap into the Trailblazer Community that are sure to help you be even more successful in 2018:

  1. Attend a local or virtual Community Group meeting that best fits your needs. Over 700 Community Groups offer a chance to meet peers in your role, region, and special interest. Community Groups are customer-organized groups that meet to learn, share ideas, network, and get best practices on how to get the most out of Salesforce. Pick the best one (...or two, or three…) that suits your current needs.

  1. Engage in Collaboration Groups. Join our online Collaboration Groups to connect with peers on a ton of topics — ranging from advanced code to surviving as a working parent. Salesforce employees also lead groups to help customers with everything from getting started, to Lightning adoption, and Salesforce events. If you’re not sure where to start, try exploring Featured Groups or simply check out our most popular and trending groups like Lightning Now, Trailhead, and Release Readiness & Feature Adoption

  1. Ask a question (or answer a question!) in Answers. Here at Salesforce, we believe in the collective success of our customers. That means not just receiving support from the company (although, we do that too!), but also getting support from the global community of Trailblazers. In Answers, 98% of questions are answered by community members and 100% receive an answer in less than 48 hours. Trailblazers are known for helping others, but some go above and beyond to become significant contributors and Salesforce MVPs.

  1. Share a feature idea on IdeaExchange. We started calling our customers “Trailblazers” because they do just that; blaze new trails with Salesforce. They also have insight into what might be needed to make Salesforce the best customer success platform out there. That’s why we ask our Trailblazers to openly share their ideas and vote on others in the IdeaExchange. Hundreds of these ideas become new Salesforce enhancements every release.

  1. Learn from (and with) Salesforce MVPs. Our MVP program recognizes exceptional Trailblazers for their contributions to the Salesforce community. These 200+ product experts provide answers, thought leadership, mentorship, and inspiration to Salesforce customers all over the world. Connect with Salesforce MVPs on Twitter, and check out a couple of the cool programs they run, like MVP Office Hours and Mentorship Central.


How did you first get involved in the Trailblazer Community?

Share your story with us on Twitter using the #BlazingTrails and #TrailblazerCommunity hashtags.