Inspiration at work is a funny thing — we all want it, we all know we need it to do a good job, yet we often feel like it’s missing. While our desire may be to hold onto inspiration permanently, the truth is that it’s a fleeting emotion. Inspiration comes and goes, influenced by a number of things — from project load, to team dynamics, to personal happiness, and more.

So even if we’re lucky enough to have a job we love, it’s difficult to stay inspired and motivated 100% of the time. Fortunately for all the Trailblazers out there, inspiration isn’t something that’s totally out of our control. It can be cultivated.


What is Inspiration?

When psychologists, Todd Thrash and Andrew Elliot, set out to study inspiration, they identified three elements that occur when we feel inspired:

  1. We see new possibilities

  2. We’re receptive to an outside influence

  3. We feel energized and motivated

 We saw many of these first-hand last November, when we asked our community of Trailblazers when they last felt “the jolt of inspiration” in their own lives. What they told us serves as a great reminder of what to do when inspiration is missing, and how to recognize it when it’s there.


1. Seek out new perspectives.

As human beings, we’re drawn to routine and repetition. But making a conscious effort to try something new and meet new people can help to rediscover your inspiration.


2. Celebrate progress towards goals.

It’s important to set goals, but it’s equally important to celebrate each and every little milestone that gets you there. That way, you’ll feel like a winner throughout the entire journey.


3. Get some fresh air.

A little time outdoors does wonders for your physical and emotional wellbeing. Particularly if you spend the whole day sitting at a desk, try stepping outside to renew your creativity.


4. Realize that anything’s possible.

So many people feel stuck in their role or company, without realizing that there is a world of possibility if you’re willing to try. Reframe your outlook by looking for new possibilities.


5. Connect your work to the greater good.

If you’re a purpose-driven person, spending your time on projects that make the world a better place can feel like the ultimate inspiration. Trailblazers are pros at helping others.


6. Embrace inspirational moments.

Sometimes you don’t need to cultivate inspiration at all. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere, and when that happens, cherish the moment and dive right in. It could be your best work!

Do you have a particular routine to keep feeling inspired at work? Share it with @salesforce and the entire Trailblazer community on Twitter with the hashtag #BlazingTrails.