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Big things often start with small ideas — at least that’s how dreamOlé, the premier Community Event for Trailblazers across the Iberian peninsula, came to be. Now in its second year, the next dreamOlé will take place in Barcelona, Spain on April 27.

Two years ago Carolina Ruiz and Laura Diaz attended London’s Calling and came away with an idea to replicate the event in Spain. After they returned, they recruited eight others to start planning an event that would bring the Spanish Trailblazer Community together.

“We find ourselves lucky to have found Salesforce, and love is to be shared,” said Ines Garcia, entrepreneur, Salesforce MVP, Community Group Leader, and one of the dreamOlé event leaders who joined Carolina and Laura on this mission.

“Last year was an incredible experience,” said Ines. “But we underestimated the hunger for something like this.” Tickets for the event sold out weeks before, so this year the event leaders decided to move the conference from Madrid to Barcelona to accommodate for more attendees. They hope to continue to change locations every year to raise awareness of Salesforce across the region.


Looking Forward to dreamOlé 2018

DreamOlé attendees will be treated to one day of keynotes, community-led sessions, and training across a variety of topics including AI, apps, compliance, best practices, and more.

“The big difference between dreamOlé and other community events is that a percentage of the conference is done in Spanish,” explained Laura, Senior Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce MVP, Community Group Leader, and event leader for dreamOlé. She added, “and we now have a reputation for fabulous after-parties.”

The full schedule has been posted online. But some of the sessions the event leaders are most looking forward to include:

  • Opening keynote with Holly Firestone, Salesforce’s Director of Trailblazer Community

  • “What the FAQ!,” an ask-the-expert session with a twist

  • On-site Trailhead training for students

  • Closing keynote with Zayne Turner, a Salesforce Developer Evangelist


The Making of a Memorable Event


Trailblazing is a team sport, and events like these require all hands on deck. Planning dreamOlé is just one part of each event leaders’ busy life. So, how do they make it all work?

“We chose to meet together every week before work,” said Julio, an Applications Developer, community group leader, and event leader for dreamOlé. “We would share early morning breakfasts online while we plan out different tasks for dreamOlé. I think that’s one of the keys to our success: eating breakfast together.”

Pablo, a Senior Developer, Community Group Leader, and one of the newest additions to the dreamOlé leadership team added, “we also have one of the busiest WhatsApp groups ever!”

The hard work pays off in the end. Carolina remembers the first day of last year’s event: “I realized, ‘It’s true! There’s a growing community of Trailblazers out there.’”

After last year’s event, the leadership team was encouraged to see the community growing in Spain. Community groups added new members, new groups were created, and everyone felt more connected. The dreamOlé team successfully brought the Salesforce Ohana together in a big way.


Get Your Tickets!

Tickets for dreamOlé recently went on sale and can be purchased here. But if you aren’t able to attend this year, you can still follow along from home on Twitter with the hashtag #dreamOlé18.



Meet the Leaders:

The team of Trailblazers behind dreamOlé consists of a dynamic group of leaders who are #BlazingTrails in their careers and actively participating in the community. A huge round of applause for them!

  • Agustina Garcia (Principal Software Engineer at FinancialForce, Salesforce MVP,  Community Group Leader: North Spain Developer Group)

  • Alba Rivas (Architect Lead at FinancialForce, Salesforce MVP, Community Group Leader: Granada Developer Group)

  • Carlos Campillo (Functional Analyst at Daikin Europe N.V., Community Group Leader: Zaragoza Developer Group)

  • Carolina Ruiz (Technical Architect at Mavens, Salesforce MVP)

  • Ines Garcia (Founder at get:Agile, Salesforce MVP, Community Group Leader, Answers Community)

  • Julio Fernandez (Applications Developer at Desynit, Community Group Leader: Andalucia User Group and Seville Developer Group)

  • Laura Diaz (Senior Consultant at blue-infinity linked by Isobar, Salesforce MVP,  Community Group Leader: Suisse Romande Developer Group Co-Leader, French Touch Dreamin’ Co-Organizer)

  • Pablo Garcia (Senior Developer at Bluewolf, Community Group Leader: Barcelona Developer Group)