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Can you taste the difference between a cake baked from scratch versus a box cake? Maybe you can, but the truth is who cares; they’re both delicious. A box cake provides all the ingredients you need to get you started, tastes great, and saves you so much time. I advise the same approach to admins I work with who are pressed for time and are tasked with building reports and dashboards for their org. Why make them from scratch when AppExchange has great templates with everything you need to get started?

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Tip #3: Time Saver 101: AppExchange Prebuilt Packages

On AppExchange, you can explore thousands of ready-to-install apps and solutions that can extend Salesforce capabilities into your org’s every need.

Think of AppExchange like the Android or iPhone app stores. Just as your phone has out-of-the-box installed apps when you first buy it, so does Sales Cloud. Over time, you might want to download additional apps or functionality in Sales Cloud, without hiring a consultant or an IT person to build it out for you. Looking to do the same for reports and dashboards? Check out AppExchange’s prebuilt reporting and dashboard app packages.

Prebuilt packages are built using standard Salesforce objects and fields, and do not create any new customization in your org. Therefore, no additional setup needed. If you’re looking to minimize time spent creating and modifying your own reports and dashboards, the prebuilt packages can offer you exactly what you need, with formatting, filtering, groupings, and chart options already done for you. Users can start using them immediately.

Remember, as an admin, with an app you download from AppExchange, you can decide where it installs in your org (Production versus Sandbox), and which users will have access to it out of the box (All Users versus Admin Users Only versus Specific Users). The AppExchange installation wizard will walk you through all the necessary steps. Once the app is installed, you can decide which users have access to each folder type installed by the app.

Check out some recommended AppExchange prebuilt packages here:


Sales CRM Dashboards

Download here: Salesforce CRM Dashboards

Salesforce CRM Dashboards is definitely the #1 recommended prebuilt package to download. It is a great example because it organizes reports and dashboards by each role or target audience, such as sales rep, sales manager, and sales or marketing exec.



Lead and Opportunity Management Dashboard

Download here: Lead and Opportunity Management

Easily keep track of leads and opportunity management. If you want to specifically track prospects and deals, you can track open and closed opportunities over the past year, quarter, and month on a dashboard. Or even see how your inbound leads are being generated.


Sales Activity Dashboard

Download here: Sales Activity Dashboard

Get visibility into your sales team’s activities. Help your sales reps and managers keep an eye on any outdated opportunities and accounts that might not have been touched recently.


Need help using AppExchange prebuilt packages? Here are some great resources:

List of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud reports and dashboards accelerators:

We hope you enjoyed this series. With these tips and resources, you can take advantage of all that Sales Cloud reporting offers so you can make your sales teams more productive and give your leaders the insights they need to drive the business forward.

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This is Part 3 of the series. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, be sure to check them out.