All salespeople have been there - that time they realized the power of helping colleagues succeed. Maybe it was that time when a coworker shared a helpful tip for closing a big deal. Or that time a sales mentor shared a story that inspired them to set a new goal for the year. Or maybe it was just a hilarious sales meme that provided some comic relief after a long day of customer meetings! In any case, often times the best advice, inspiration, and lessons salespeople receive comes from those that are wearing the same shoes they are.

Along these lines, Sales Cloud is excited to announce #SalesWinWednesday, our new social campaign for salespeople helping salespeople! Connect with, inspire, motivate, and humor your fellow salespeople by posting on your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts using the hashtag #SalesWinWednesday on Wednesdays!

Want to see how salespeople are already sharing their tips and stories with others? Follow the hashtag on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and check out the feeds! You may just find your new favorite virtual mentor or best sales friend! So, the next time you’re taking a social media break at work, consider avoiding scrolling through cat GIFs or your yearbook photos from 2005 and engage with some awesome sales content with your peers instead!

We recently took a look ourselves and found that salespeople are already communicating a variety of messages using the hashtag:


They’re inspiring!





They’re educating!



And sharing lessons learned!




They're sharing their favorite resources



They’re making each other laugh!



They’re sharing best practices!



They’re sharing sales events!




And celebrating their victories!




Want to connect with other salespeople but not sure what to share? The sky’s the limit, but Sales Cloud is also here to help! Every Wednesday, we’ll be tweeting a new prompt to get your #SalesWinWednesday conversations going and encourage you to share tips, celebrate hard work, get inspiration, and ultimately help each have the best sales year ever! (If you're not already following us on Twitter, start today!) We could be asking about anything from favorite sales podcasts to favorites mantra to repeat before a big meeting.

So the next time you learn a new sales lesson, crack your best sales joke yet, or celebrate your next big win, share it with the social sales world! #SalesWinWednesday for the win!