🌟💗🎉Last week we welcomed 36 new Salesforce MVPs to inspire the entire Trailblazer Community! 🎉💗☀️

They join an incredible group of 200+ Salesforce MVPs who are lifelong learners that love to share their expertise and help millions of Trailblazers thrive. Connect with ALL of them on the Trailblazer Community!

We celebrated the new class announcement with a Twitter #MVPParty, where MVPs answered fun questions throughout the day. We want to share a few highlights as a taste of how Salesforce MVPs lift up the Trailblazer Community. And we complied a fun collection of beautiful reflections that show how much the Trailblazer Community has impacted our MVPs careers and lives.


⛅️ Salesforce MVPs are the force behind the force ⛅️


As Bret Taylor, Salesforce's Chief Product Officer tweeted, the Trailblazer Community is the driving force behind the astronomical growth of the Salesforce Economy. And Salesforce MVPs help millions of Trailblazers succeed by providing thought leadership, insight and inspiration in so many ways.


🌈 💗Salesforce MVP Give and Get So Much Awesome 💗 🌈


It's amazing to hear Salesforce MVPs talk about what inspired them to start sharing knowledge and helping others learn Salesforce. In nearly every case, it's grounded in desire to pay-it-forward after someone helped them (and made a huge difference in their lives). The Salesforce MVP program is designed to empower MVPs with access, insight and inspiration. We strive to make it make it easy, fun and rewarding for them to share Salesforce knowledge. But they're all here to tell you the real reward is the joy of helping others, making lifelong friends and being part of a truly incredible tribe that's dedicated to helping others do well and do good within and beyond the Salesforce ecosystem.Check out these awesome MVP reflections from the #MVPParty! There's a lot more where these came from - just take a look at #MVPParty and #TrailblazerCommunity hashtags on Twitter.


Being part of the Trailblazer Community and becoming a Salesforce MVP has changed lives...


There's a special sense of Ohana within the Trailblazer Community and among Salesforce MVPs....



Above all, it's all about helping others!