Are you joining us for Salesforce Connections in Chicago, June 12 - 14? If you haven't already registered, we can give you a few more reasons to join us for the marketing, commerce, and service event of the year! And what are those reasons? FOOD!

Chicago is a food lovers paradise and you could spend endless weeks (or months!) in this fine city and never run out of exciting food delights from which to choose. But nothing screams Chicago louder than deep dish pizza, hot dogs, and steak. Make sure to grab a few days in Chicago before or after Connections, and get a truly authentic taste of Chicago in these iconic food categories:


Deep Dish Pizza

When you think Deep Dish Pizza, Chicago is the first (and maybe only) place that comes to mind. Some people even consider it a food group. Love it or hate it, Chicago style pizza is a must try, so grab a slice (or an entire pie) while visiting Chicago for Connections. Here are a few that we'd recommend:

  • Gino's East (162 E Superior St) - This venerable pizza maker needs little introduction. Pizza lovers know what to expect— high quality, traditional, deep dish with a large helping of cheese and sauce—and it’ll never let them down. Each bite of their light and crispy cornmeal crust is a "slice" of heaven.
  • Pequod's Pizza (2207 N Clybourn Ave) - Go for the low-key atmosphere and the one of a kind caramelized crust that is truly special. Also, a great spot to hit up late night with their 2 a.m. closing time.
  • Giordano's (730 N Rush St) - You might be able to get one of these world famous circular gooey explosions of flavor in multiple states throughout the country now but it all started here in Chicago over 40 years ago. Pro tip: get the accurately named "Chicago Classic".
  • Lou Malnati's (1235 W Randolph St) - Another of the city's deep-dish heavyweights, Lou Malnati's has been churning out some of the most respected pies in town with their garlic butter crust and freshest of veggies since the early 70's.
  • Art of Pizza - (3033 N Ashland) - You may not have heard of this pizza haven outside the city limits but those willing to stray from the big names are rewarded with a divine pizza eating experience featuring their herb crusted pies.


Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Can you even say that you went to Chicago if you didn't get a hot dog? It's like going to Connections and not checking out the Customer Success Expo - not a smart move. Chicago is the sausage capital of America, so you best believe that these dogs live up to their reputation:

  • Portillo's (100 W Ontario St) - The granddaddy of the Chicago style hot dog. The line at lunchtime is out the door and it's justified. There’s a reason Dick Portillo turned a simple hot dog stand into the successful corporation it is today.
  • The Wiener's Circle (2622 N Clark St) - Head up north a bit for some verbal "abuse" from their faux-hostile staff. The schtick is fun but the dogs are even better. Their char dog is among the best in the city.
  • Jim's Original Hot Dog (1250 S Union Ave) - Serving classic dogs and boasting the best Polish sausage in town for over 75 years, when something has been around for that long, you know it has to be good. There’s no better place to be than Jim’s after a long night out on the town and come as late as you's open 24/7
  • Devil Dawgs (767 S State St) - This laid-back counter-serve joint offers creative hot dogs, burgers & milkshakes, plus hand-cut fries.



Chicago was the meatpacking capital of the world, so it is easy to imagine that the steakhouses are on point...and they are! It is no surprise that Chicago has many of the country's top steakhouses. We like a side of history with our steak, as you can see in our recommended establishments below:

  • Bavette's (218 W. Kinzie) This chic and sultry restaurant helped spur on a new wave of steakhouses in Chicago, it puts a new meaning of cool in the old steakhouse concept. There are throwback entrees, such as roasted chicken and lamb chops, along with new twists like short rib stroganoff and spiced fried chicken. Don't forget to try one of their amazing cocktails and leave room for the pie!
  • Gene & Georgetti (500 N. Franklin) the oldest Italian steakhouse in the city, opened its doors in 1941. This family-owned establishment serves the finest prime aged steaks and chops all butchered on site. Known for its top quality and large portions, this Chicago institution has stood the test of time thanks to dedicated employees, some of which have been there more than 40 years.
  • Gibson's (1028 N Rush St) Steak and a Martini? Yes, please! Arguably Chicago’s most famous steakhouse, Gibson’s has been an institution for more than 25 years. It’s the classic, quintessential place to get mammoth, beefy cuts like a 48 oz. porterhouse or a 32 oz. tomahawk chop and the desserts are so enormous that servers cut them in two.
  • Chicago Chop House (60 W Ontario St) Ready for a little gangster with a steak? Then head to Chicago Chop House for a side of history with each meal at an establishment that embraces service and tradition like none other. Photos of the city line the three floors of a Victorian brownstone house and the ambiance is not short on things to keep you talking during dinner. Photos are everywhere, and it's fun to explore


It's Not All Meat and Potatoes...

While Chicago is known for their pizza, hot dogs, and steakhouses - don't fret if those just aren't your thing! As the third largest city in the US, the food scene includes a bevy of offerings for everyone. To round out our recommendations, here are some plant-based options to give try:

  • Chicago Diner (3411 N Halsted St.) They've been meat free since '83, but that doesn't stop them from serving the comfort food that you know and love. This is a Boystown staple and even has become legendary over the decades - and you'll find out why when you try their award-winning vegan milkshakes, country fried seitan steaks, and other vegetarian takes on your favorite diner foods.
  • Bad Hunter (802 W Randolph St.) The name says so much - this veggie-focused restaurant is not joking when they state that they stay away from meat (hunted) products. Even meat lovers can get on board with the Bad Hunter Burger, a veggie burger that packs two black bean patties with all the condiments you could want.
  • Beatrix (519 N Clark St.) Lettuce Entertain You is the big wig restaurant group around Chicago, and Beatrix is one of their gems - a local restaurant and coffeehouse. While not a vegetarian only restaurant, everyone can find something that they like on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Tandoor Char House (2652 N Halsted) An epically large menu means that there is something for everyone! This Indian restaurant doesn't want to make it difficult for anyone though - a “V” next to an item indicates that it is vegetarian, so there is no confusion. And did we mention the “vegetarian treasures” portion of the menu? Tandoor Char House has got you covered.

We named some of our favorites, now tell us yours! What are we missing on any front? What are you can't miss meals in Chicago?

Chicago is the perfect spot for connections, and while Connections will be providing most meals on site from June 12 - 14, take advantage of all the city has to offer on either end of the event.