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A curious and passionate sales team is crucial to any organization's growth and future prospects. Matthew Loria, Salesforce Director of Sales Development, knows how to grow high performing sales teams. Matthew shares what characteristics he looks for in prospective sales candidates. But first, let's hear how he got his start at Salesforce.


How did your Salesforce adventure begin?

When several of my former colleagues took roles at Salesforce, I knew there was something special about the company. I had to find out for myself, so I reached out to learn more about the Salesforce culture. Why were they so passionate? What is the #SalesforceOhana? Once I heard their personal anecdotes, I was hooked.

Everyday I am humbled by the opportunity to empower our customers to positively transform their businesses. Not to mention, I get to use our cloud-based applications which have revolutionized the way that I work and connect with customers.


Why did you choose to be in sales development at Salesforce?

I love the art of sales. Salesforce, especially in the Sales Development world, provides a world class environment to learn from the best and brightest in the industry. Joining Salesforce meant I would further develop my own sales and leadership skills, while coaching the sales teams of tomorrow. And that's why I ultimately decided to join the Sales Development team.


Where does your role fit into the Sales organization?

Development is core to our team's mission — it's our passion to cultivate the top sales people of tomorrow. My team influences the front end of the sale's cycle and an individual's career path. Those that join the Salesforce Sales Development team are typically in the early stages of their careers and often times move on to become an Account Executive. Our team helps take careers to new heights.


What do you look for when you hire?

I look for two things — curiosity and community. When you're curious, you learn more about the needs and goals of our customers. When you're community minded, you appreciate the power of collaboration - a key characteristic for the Sales Development team and the entire Salesforce organization.


Quick facts about me:

I'm from Amelia Island, which is just off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. I have a wonderful wife, a 2-year-old boy, and another boy on the way — making my life at home equal parts a blessing and blissful chaos.

During my spare time, I serve on the Regional Board for Playworks Chicago, an organization looking to improve the learning and development of children through Recess and Play at schools across the country.

Are you interested in joining the #SalesforceOhana? We're hiring! Join us.