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You’ve been using Lightning Dialer for a year, and, by all indications, you’ve been loving it. We’ve loved hearing from all of you about how it’s been enhancing productivity with your sales teams and increasing customer and prospect connect rates.

But there’s something else we’ve heard, something else you’ve been clamoring for. Time and again, you’ve called us and emailed us, and said that there’s just one thing that’s missing.

That’s why, in our tradition of innovation, we’ve worked hard, and we’ve worked quickly to bring you the best experience for Lightning Dialer...the brand new rotary dialer! That’s right, we’re going old-school and putting the “dial” back in “dialer.”

How does it work? Simple! In Lightning Experience, simply click on any phone number to dial it. Or, pop open the phone from your utility bar. When the call list opens or a number is selected, you’ll see the rotary dialer appear, and you’ll wait as it turns around and around to dial every. single. number. individually. It’s the 1950’s experience you know and love (complete with clicking noises), right in the CRM you use daily.

No need to thank us...we know you’re amazed, struck speechless. So let us take this opportunity to say...Happy April Fool’s Day!

But in all honesty, the real Lightning Dialer is an amazing product that can really change how your sales teams work in Salesforce. It’s a completely modern experience that will boost productivity and increase call connects. Don’t believe us? Check out the Lightning Dialer website to learn more!