It seems like every few days a different holiday takes over our social media feeds with photos of puppies (#nationalpuppyday), siblings (#nationalsiblingday), or banana cream pie (we swear, it’s a thing!) — just to name a few. Well, this week is no exception.


This Friday, April 27th marks National Tell a Story Day. This holiday is meant to encourage people of all ages to share all kinds of stories. While many of the stories we enjoy are ones that come from Hollywood or The New York Times’ bestseller list, it’s important to remember that each and every one of us has our own story to share.


For the last several months, we’ve been honoring some of the most awe-inspiring stories from our own Trailblazer Community by telling them right here, on the Salesforce blog. (Be sure to check them out, if you haven't already!)


So, if you don’t happen to have time this year to curl up with a book, watch a movie, or to write your own story, we’ve got you covered with three of our most popular Trailblazer stories. Each one tells the tale of a person who’s making major moves in their life and showing others how to do the same. These stories will motivate you, touch your heart, and make you feel inspired. Read on to help us celebrate the power of stories this National Tell a Story Day.


1. From Stay-at-Home Mom to Salesforce Admin

Returning to the workforce after a decade of raising kids is an intimidating and challenging prospect for many mothers and fathers out there. So when Kristen Clay jumped back into a sales role after raising her two sons, she couldn’t help but think to herself, “I had the basic sales skills, but there had definitely been an upgrade in the toolkit.” Soon, her curiosity about customizing these tools to the needs of her coworkers began to grow. It even eventually became a new career path for her. Read about Kristen’s journey from stay-at-home mom to Salesforce administrator here.


2. A Salesforce Love Story

Love stories are some of the best kinds of stories! And every now and then, we stumble upon one that’s intertwined with a career story. This was the case when Zach Nostdal and Jessie Rymph became a couple. They not only found a shared passion for nonprofit work in each other but soon discovered how much more good they could do by becoming Salesforce administrators. Their love story reached new heights at Dreamforce ‘17 with a memorable on-stage surprise. Read about what happened here.


3. How One National Guard Soldier Launched a Career in Tech

There’s nothing more inspiring than helping others, and in the story of Daniel Mulkey that message rings out loud and clear. His unwavering commitment to helping others is his true passion — both as a National Guard soldier and as a Religious Affairs Specialist assisting returning veterans. And to allow himself more time to focus on these, he made the decision to pursue a new career path that would give him more flexibility. That’s when he learned about Salesforce and Vetforce, and since then he hasn’t looked back. Read about Daniel’s journey here.


We hope these inspiring Trailblazer stories have not only touched you, but also encouraged you to share your own story — with your family, your friends, your coworkers, and maybe even us. If you have an incredible Trailblazer story to share, we’d love to hear it. Please send us a tweet at @salesforce using the hashtag #blazingtrails.