Salesforce's Connections is shaping up to be the digital marketing, commerce, and customer service event of the year. Happening in Chicago, June 12-14, the content of this event will provide leaders from an array of industries with actionable insights and access to industry experts, innovative partners, and other successful Trailblazers.


One of the industries we'll be focused on this year is financial services. Whether you're in banking, insurance, or wealth management, financial services professionals will leave Connections with a better understanding of how to create personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint. Here's a sneak peek at some of the financial services-specific sessions on this year's agenda.


Experience a Super Impactful, Super Insightful, Supersession for Financial Services 

Financial Services: Blazing the Trail to a Predictive State

Industry and market boundaries continue to disintegrate. There is no clear path or destination, but one trend is consistent— convenience has become the new loyalty. Pioneering firms are using new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent marketing platforms, data management platforms (DMP), and real-time interaction management (RTIM), to create differentiated, convenient experiences at scale. Attend this session to learn how industry leaders are working with Salesforce to unlock the full power of their financial institution to serve as a trusted partner on their customer’s financial life journey. Plus watch live demonstrations of the expanding capabilities of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, the world's #1 CRM reimagined for financial services working together with Marketing Cloud, the world's #1 marketing platform to deliver personalized experiences across any channel.


Join Your Peers in Financial Services Breakout Sessions 

Retail Banking: Building a Better Experience for the Digitally Savvy Customer

Many banking providers are trying to keep up with customer expectations by releasing mobile apps, online portals, and even integrations with voice assistance. Yet these digital banking experiences often remain transactional and disconnected due to being built in silos and not sharing a central view of the customer. Join us for this session to learn how to evolve your digital banking experiences by breaking down silos and creating a culture of innovation.


Wealth Management at Scale: Creating Client Experiences that Wow

Inconvenience and poor communication are two of the top reasons clients leave their financial advisor behind. Is your firm creating meaningful client experiences that wow? Join us for this interactive session to discover how Salesforce is powering seamless, personalized and convenient client experiences that lock in loyalty and drive AUM growth. From 1-to-1 client marketing journeys to easy appointment scheduling and quick account insights, your clients will have a tailored experience designed to help them reach their personal financial life goals.


Insurance: Push the Boundaries of Customer Experience

Insurers are experiencing a shift in the expectations of their policyholders and agents. Digital disruptors outside of the insurance industry (such as Uber, Google, Facebook) have created user expectations of effortless omnichannel experiences. According to a study by Accenture, 75% of policyholders would switch insurers to get more personalized service. These evolving expectations, coupled with industry and demographic changes, create a unique opportunity for insurance companies to engage their policyholders on a deeper level. In this breakout session, discover how innovative insurers are embracing agility and engaging policyholders in whole new ways. Learn how you too can build digital roadmaps that will meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.


Salesforce DMP: Data-driven Marketing for Financial Services

Join the Salesforce DMP team to learn what a DMP is, plus the five key sources of value in data management: audience planning, activation, optimization, personalization, and insights. In this informative, educational session, financial services marketers will learn how banks, insurance companies, and wealth management firms can use Salesforce DMP to drive customer success through leveraging their data.


Intelligent Marketing for Financial Services

In this session, financial brand marketers will see a live demonstration of how to connect with customers in a whole new way with Marketing Cloud for Financial Services. Learn how to personalize customer relationships at scale and how to provide that level of personalization fast and cost-effectively. This session will highlight industry best practices across the entire customer lifecycle in Retail Banking, Mortgage Lending, Insurance, and Wealth Management


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Connected Customer Journeys - Powered by the Summer '18 Release

Salesforce's three major releases each year are one of the primary outlets of our constant innovation and a key to our customers' success. Come see some of our latest and greatest features that launch with our Summer '18 Release and discover how they can help fuel cross-cloud success for your customers. We will share a story of how Financial Services Cloud's Inbox integration, Service Cloud's Omni-Channel Skills-Based Routing, and Community Cloud's Community 360 Enhancements can create an exceptionally powerful journey for a banking customer. We will also show you what a connected retail experience can do for a shopper when combining DMP + Email Studio's Bi-Directional Email Activation, Commerce Cloud's Einstein Search Recommendations, and Service Cloud's Einstein Bots.


Optimizing the Auto Finance Customer Experience with Salesforce and Fintech with speaker, Elena Wood, Director of Strategy, Southeast Toyota Finance

Southeast Toyota Finance, a captive finance company, recently launched several technological and process improvements utilizing Salesforce along with other tools and platforms. Their objective was to focus on customer experience throughout the automotive lifecycle, using both digital and traditional channels. The customer segmentation strategy focused on creating customer profiles related to the automotive lifecycle, like onboarding, loan or lease service experience, and end of term activities. The approach delivered increased customer digital engagement, measurable lift in conversions in service and sales in auto dealerships, plus efficiency gains.


Experience the Latest Industry Demos in the Campground


Advertising 2020 for Financial Brand Marketers with speaker, Chris Jacob, Director of Product Marketing, Salesforce

Today, advertising is becoming much less siloed in its own separate department within a financial institution. In fact, the majority of advertising and marketing organizations share common budgets and use the same team to send emails and build ad campaigns. This trend is set to grow, with only a small minority of advertising teams having no plans to integrate themselves within the broader marketing organization. In addition, the number of ways available to target digital advertising continues to grow. The aim is to solve a single pain point: that advertising works better when it’s targeting the right audience, using all of the information available about who they are.


Beginner's Guide to Building Customer Journeys in Financial Services

In the latest Salesforce Research report, “Marketing Trends Across Financial Services,” 70% of marketing leaders say that creating a connected customer journey has positively impacted their customers’ willingness to recommend their products and services. But let’s be honest, most financial brands are just not there yet. Internal silos, disparate data sources, and regulatory pressures can make it feel overwhelming. If that describes your situation, relax! We understand where you’re coming from and we’re here to help you get started with a proven step-by-step methodology for financial services organizations.


Revolutionizing the Banking Customer Service Experience with AI

Customer expectations are shifting as we move into an increasingly digital, AI-driven world. Learn how Salesforce can help you improve the end-to-end client experience so you can retain your financial clients in a world where a highly engaging digital experience has become the norm.


Social Media Engagement Best Practices for Financial Brands

Many banking providers, wealth managers, and insurance carriers share one thing in common: Few are taking full advantage of social media's potential. Meanwhile, savvy competition and disruptors leverage social to engage with their connected customers, and they are gaining market share and loyalty because of it. Join us for this live demo as we examine how those in the financial services industry can use social to connect with customers—and how you can do the same.


We can't wait for you to expand your mind and deepen your knowledge at Connections '18! Join us for three days of learning, inspiration, and fun. Register now and see you June 12th-14th in Chicago!