This month, the Salesforce Success Cloud launches a new technical expert service called, Technical Account Manager, or "TAM" for short. A TAM is for customers using Salesforce in complex multi-org or multi-cloud environments who need our highest level of product expertise and technical oversight so they can run their business better on our platform.


TAMs act as your onsite, day-to-day technical ally, aligned closely with the Salesforce technology and product teams. The TAM is there to help you adopt the latest Salesforce innovation, optimize Salesforce platform efficiency, and reduce disruption from critical incidents. Here’s how they do that:


Solve support issues faster

Technical Account Managers provide dedicated, continuous guidance on open support cases and are the partner to their customers’ internal help desks. Think of TAMs as your support champion, ensuring you get the fastest resolution from Salesforce Premier, learn from incidents, and help you improve your internal support processes.


Use new Salesforce innovations with less risk

Technical Account Managers help you take advantage of the steady pace of Salesforce innovation. The TAM can build your three-times-a-year release readiness plan (five times a year for Marketing Cloud). This lets you maximize value and ensure everything runs smoothly.


Optimize your Salesforce for improved adoption

TAMs are dedicated onsite Salesforce experts who can help you get the most out of your Salesforce implementation. They can help you identify unused functionality and even help you build a plan to address issues like integrations, technical debt, or data hygiene. They are the technical partner to your Success Manager, ensuring application-wide adoption. Each of our customers has their own unique journey, so a technical expert like a TAM — with deep product expertise — can be crucial as you adapt to competitors or changing technologies.


While the Technical Account Manager service offering is new, the concept is already a proven asset for successful customers. For example, Success Cloud resources have long been embedded into our customer business to help ensure that services match customer needs.


The results of those engagements speak for themselves:

  • Resolution time for urgent cases decreased by an average of 71%.

  • Collaborative engagement enabled us to roll out Service Cloud to thousands of users in a mere three months.

  • We saw a 50% increase in performance with proactive support.


To learn more about Technical Account Managers can help you run your business better on Salesforce, click here to be contacted or reach out to your Account Executive or Success Manager.


You can see first hand how our TAMs help customers by watching our  “Summer '18 Release Overview for Enterprise Customers.” Nandita, a TAM, and Ingo Fochler, a Salesforce Success Architect, walk you through top new features in the Summer ‘18 Release. They cover Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, and Platform updates.