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There are no shortcuts on the path to success. However, advice from people who have been in your same shoes once before can inspire you to break through whatever barriers to success are currently standing in your way. That's just one of many reasons why we decided to create a new e-book, CEO Secrets to Business Growth. In this e-book, you'll get first-hand advice from four talented leaders who have all led teams to incredible growth and businesses to nothing short of success. Here are a few highlights to pique your interest:


Jennifer Tejada

CEO, PagerDuty

"Cultivate a learn-it-all mindset. Expose yourself to new and different ways of thinking. I truly believe connecting diversity and inclusion to business is a huge competitive advantage."

"Make addressing challenges top priority. Be honest about what is not working and move quickly to address the issue, even if that means changing how you structure and approach entire portions of the business."

"Use a data-driven approach. Spend time thinking about the operational blueprint for each year. Continually evaluate the performance of investments and double check what’s prioritized—that keeps you on track with spending."

Rob Frohwein

CEO and Co-Founder, Kabbage

"Choose better over more when it comes to talent. When it’s time to bring on additional folks, choose more experienced people who can stay in the role longer and help scale up efficiently."

Irene Baran

CEO, Speck

"Don’t be too accommodating. The way to succeed is to concentrate on the job at hand and not worry too much about the opinions of others."

Brian Hamilton

Chairman and Co-Founder, Sageworks

"Think twice before expanding. It can be difficult to transfer the company’s values to another environment that’s physically removed from the home base. You need a mini-CEO for each office."  

Whether you’re just starting out, already managing a team, or looking to pivot quickly to put your business on the path to rapid success, a little outside advice from seasoned experts can always go a long way. To learn more from these four successful CEOs, be sure to check out our free e-book, CEO Secrets to Business Growth. Aside from getting access to some of the best-kept industry secrets about how to take your business to the next level, you'll also learn how to respond to these tough business questions:

  • When is the most important time to hire?
  • How can I get my whole team to collaborate?
  • Do I really know what my customers want? 

Download the e-book now to get answers to these questions – and a whole lot more! 



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