Digital Transformation is one of hottest topics in the communications industry today. The industry used to build consumer confidence based on great coverage maps, high speeds, and the latest devices. However, times are rapidly changing and the promise of the best technology alone isn’t enough to drive consumer confidence anymore. Consumers want flexibility, choice, and crossover bundles that drive value beyond their mobile subscription. To keep winning, service providers need to transform and deliver the best overall customer experience. 

Here’s one simple example of how legacy operations are blocking a superior customer experience. Call center teams are charged with capturing information, resolving issues, and selling products and services. Yet most of that information is siloed within the customer service department and isn’t integrated into the retail channel, direct sales, or the e-commerce team. Unfortunately, scenarios like this are common practice in the industry and cause frustration with customers, prospects, and employees at each step of the customer lifecycle. 

There is an answer and customer-focused strategy you can deploy to deliver on customer expectations and give them the opportunity to have a cohesive experience. On June 21, we are hosting a webinar, 3 Keys to Creating a Seamless Prospect Journey, to explore the prospect journey and how service providers can leverage three powerful Salesforce innovations to bring a customer-focused strategy to life. Industry experts will explore how:

  • Marketing Cloud lets you personalize every marketing interaction and nurture prospects to increase engagement
  • Sales Cloud unifies the customer record and increases prospect conversion
  • Einstein utilizes artificial intelligence to optimize every touch at every stage of the sale


Take a few minutes and explore our latest communications industry solution: Unify the Prospect Journey. You'll see how Salesforce can be the catalyst that helps you win over more consumers. When you're done, register for our June 21 webinar, 3 Keys to Creating a Seamless Prospect Journey, for even more on how you can use customer experience as a driver of sales.