Dreamforce is just a little over three months away. Today, we're launching our Call for Content!

We have an amazing line-up planned for this year. Now, we're looking for some great customers to round out the roster. Do you have a great story to tell? Do you have a passion for sharing your knowledge with others? Do you like helping others solve common challenges? Do you love to share customer success stories, best practices, teachings, and how-tos? If you answered yes to any – or all – of those questions, then we want to hear from you! 

You might not have noticed – because it is a small, yet important detail – but this year we have a "Call for Content" versus a "Call for Speakers" like we've had in years past. That's because we've combined everything into one simplified submission landing page. This year, you have three submission options for full presentations and one option for speaker submissions. Be sure to select the correct form and note that each has its own submission deadline.

If your submission has been selected, you will receive a complimentary full conference pass to Dreamforce 2018. 

If you have ever attended Dreamforce, you know that the quality of speakers is extremely high. If you are already thinking to yourself, “I've got a great story to tell and am Dreamforce-ready," then don't wait – submit your idea today. To help you get started, here are a few tips as to what we’re looking for in this year's Dreamforce submissions: 

For 40-minute sessions, all speaking submissions should:

  1. Start with a great story to tell, including a passion for sharing knowledge with others
  2. Touch on a topic that addresses or solves common customer challenges
  3. Incorporate clear use cases, best practices, learnings, and how-to’s
  4. Clearly identify how your company uses Salesforce products (including the roll-out)
  5. Highlight key success metrics and/or ROI resulting from your implementation of Salesforce

For 20-minute theater sessions, all speaking submissions should:

  1. Highlight a tip or trick (i.e. “Use this shortcut to save 10 minutes a week.”)
  2. Tell a great customer success story
  3. Focus on a specific Salesforce product feature as well as how you are using it to drive success
  4. Include an engaging and eye-catching demo
  5. Underscore the power of Cross-Cloud Solutions (i.e. using multiple Salesforce products to solve challenges)

Additionally, here are some helpful tips for crafting a winning speaker submission:

  1. Outline your talking points (i.e. list and rank your top messages)
  2. Explain why attendees would want to give you their time
  3. Clearly identify what problems you are solving
  4. Clearly identify your target audiences and/or target industries
  5. Have a key takeaway or action item that attendees will walk away with 

Once you've got that done, there are just a few more bits of housekeeping to keep in mind: 

  • Be as precise and descriptive as possible. The more direct you are, the easier it will be for our team to understand your ultimate objectives.
  • Don't forget to outline whatever other speaking experience you have.
  • Think about whether a 20-minute or 40-minute session would be the best fit for your topic.
  • Brush up on your presentation skills (even if you're a seasoned speaker). Check out the Public Speaking Skills module on Trailhead for some really great advice.

All “Calls for Content” will live in one place. This includes the admin and developer call for presentations, the Salesforce.org call for presentations, and the Partner community call for presentations in addition to the general call for speakers.

Thanks for taking the time to put together your speaker submission. We're looking forward to seeing you at Dreamforce soon. Good luck!