Cue the pomp and circumstance: our Ohana is set to welcome hundreds of new Futureforce grads to Salesforce over the next few months. And as they gear up to join us, we thought we'd ask our Futureforce alumni to give them some valuable advice (since they've all been in those same shoes before!). Here's what a few of them had to say:


Senior Product Manager
Futureforce Intern 2015

“Do something that you care about – and do not stop. I came to Salesforce with a drive to shape a better education system. So, I started a Maker Club on the side. It was nights and weekend at first, but now I get to work full-time on it as a 'Circle the School Fellow.' In my role, I help shape how Salesforce and our employees get involved with schools around the world. Getting this opportunity to live my dream was not an easy journey, with many failures and challenges along the way. But if you keep trying, you will always find a way to live your passion. Never give up.”



Software Engineering MTS
Futureforce Intern 2016

“Looking back, if I were to have done anything differently, I would have taken the time to set up coffee chats with co-workers from different teams. Salesforce has such an open and friendly environment where people are happy to chat about the work they do. It's always rewarding to make those connections and learn about all the products and solutions we offer our customers.”



Change Management Coordinator
Futureforce Intern 2017

“The people who work at Salesforce are what make it so special. Try and meet as many people from as many different areas of the company as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask your manager questions and be sure to participate in everything that Salesforce and Futureforce offer. Also, never forget about Puppyforce!”


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