The media industry is in a constant state of flux. Advances in technology and changes in consumer behavior have fundamentally altered everything from content consumption to audience engagement. And as cord-cutting and binge-watching increasingly become the norm, bridging the gap between the content you make and the people who consume it is key to driving long-term revenue gains. 

This is precisely why we launched our new Media Industry Solution: Maximize Audience Engagement — a solution that helps studios, publishers, broadcasters, and sports and entertainment companies move consumers on a journey from casual viewers to rabid fans. It bundles Salesforce DMP with Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud to create personalized one-to-one marketing journeys, leverage actionable audience insights, and boost ROI by building "communities of interest" around content. 

Using this new solution, here are three things media companies can do to win audiences for life: 


1. Engage New Audiences

As a starting point, Salesforce DMP is the "secret sauce" for growing audiences. Finding, reaching, and engaging new audiences is the first — and most critical — step for media companies to grow a broader consumer base. So, what does Salesforce DMP do exactly? It helps capture data across marketing touch-points, activating it in ways that strengthen the relationships you have with your target consumers. It also opens up new ways to grow your audience through advertising and has the power to unify customer activity across the world's largest device graph. This allows you to personalize the experience every consumer has with your brand while delivering on increased customer expectations better than ever before. 


2. Personalize the Experience

Personalization is made quicker and easier through the Marketing Cloud Journey Builder. Whether someone is a one-time viewer or a super fan, Journey Builder can optimize a consumer's experience with your brand at every point along their journey. For example, say you just purchased a ticket to a concert. That action can trigger a custom journey across email, SMS, web, and beyond that is tailor-made to that event. Then say it was smart enough to know if someone had never seen that band live before. Journey Builder could leverage those data and insights to trigger special promotions to make that experience even more unique. Long story short: it helps personalize consumer relationships by not only understanding but also acting on the moments that define a customer's experience with your brand. 


3. Build Communities

We all know that fans enjoy sharing things they love with other people who are equally as passionate as they are. Launching an Online Community is a great way to tap into this collective sense of passion as it is a way of building loyalty around your brand. In fact, loyalty is a two-way street in this case; audiences like to know they are getting something in return for engaging with your brand. Connecting like-minded people via an online community can take engagement to the next level, provide insights that stretch way beyond the content, act, or franchise, and even lead to an increase in revenue. 

Take a few minutes to learn more about our latest Media Industry Solution: Maximize Audience Engagement. Also, be sure to join us on July 12 for our webinar titled, 3 Strategies to Grow Your Audience in the Changing Media Landscape. This will explore the strategies and solutions that can help you drive long-term audience growth and engagement. Don't miss out – register today!