Digital transformation is a trending topic for businesses as they look to embrace and utilize technology in new and innovative ways. With stories about business transformation occurring all around us, we wanted to know exactly what people are thinking about the topic of digital transformation — not just CEOs and executives — but also employees.

Now, the results of the Salesforce Digital Transformation Survey are in. They highlighted that while 64% of people are aware that the company they work for considers digital transformation a priority, 69% say they wouldn’t be confident explaining the concept to somebody else.

While businesses and brands understand what digital transformation is and talk about it regularly, our results shine a spotlight on a challenge that must be overcome. People know that digital transformation is happening around them, but don’t fully understand what it is. The benefits of digital transformation won’t fully realize until we work to close the “understanding gap” that exists among the general population.

With no understanding, the average person may become disengaged. We have a definite challenge on our hands with approximately half of the respondents (52%) saying that they have little or no engagement with the process of digital transformation. Individuals must realize the purpose of changing the way they work, why they are re-skilling, and how new systems will make their lives easier and more efficient.

Fortunately, businesses are perfectly poised to close the understanding gap that exists around digital transformation, opening the door for Trailblazers to innovate and succeed. Here are four small changes businesses can make to help their employees and customers understand the benefits of digital transformation:


1. Make it tangible

Digital transformation is a topic that seems esoteric to the general public. This is why talking about digital transformation requires explanation in a way that means something to the individual employee or customer.

For example, every customer wants their service issues resolved quickly. Fortunately, with digital transformation, companies now offer interactive chat functionality via mobile devices, so customers can communicate with brands in the same way they do with their friends.

And the impact of digital transformation in the workplace should also be noted; replacing legacy systems with automated workflows have taken the burden of time-consuming administration away from millions, giving them the time they need to focus on tasks only humans can accomplish.

While we often take enhancements like these for granted, it’s essential that businesses properly illustrate the potential upside of digital transformation and to demonstrate to people that they are already benefiting.


2. Address security head-on

Our research pinpointed security as the biggest concern most people have with digital transformation. Unsurprisingly, almost three-fifths (58%) of respondents identified security as the most pressing deterrent to achieving digital transformation across society.

Many respondents added that they feel that letting more technology into their personal and professional lives could potentially result in a lack of privacy.  


3. Make education accessible

Perhaps the most important aspect of digital transformation is its ability to help workers continually re-skill throughout their careers. Almost 36% already see more accessible education as a key benefit, as technology has revolutionized learning. We need to increase awareness around new learning platforms to boost technology understanding and ward off the fear of change and the unknown.

Digital transformation has the power to make learning and re-skilling as personalized as possible. Trailhead is one of the most fun ways I’ve found to learn about new technologies and techniques — from management skills to learning skills and more. The gamification of learning is helping people have fun while equipping themselves to thrive in a digital-first future.


4. Bridge the understanding gap

At the end of the day, everyone must understand that digital transformation is here and it’s driving positive enhancements — and changes — to the way businesses, stakeholders, and consumers handle our business and personal lives every day.

And focusing on how consumers engage with companies today can demonstrate that digital transformation is creating exciting and exceptional engagement with companies. By sharing and celebrating the results of the digital transformation, we can blaze a trail into the future.


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