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Beth Cofsky is an Account Partner at Salesforce, in the Customer Success Group. She has worked with Salesforce's customers for several years — and prior to joining the Ohana was already a passionate end-user of the Salesforce platform. Here, Beth tells us about what goes into being a successful Account Partner and how she guides her customers to the right solutions for their businesses.

In my five years at Salesforce, I've seen the Customer Success Group evolve quite a bit. That evolution is the result of listening closely to our customers, learning how we can best serve them, and finding innovative ways to succeed with the Salesforce platform. Our goal, each and every day, is to find ways for our customers to get more value from their Salesforce investment — and it's been amazing to see how our products and services have allowed us to do just that.

The first step in a strong relationship

As an Account Partner, I initiate the relationship that our customers have with the Customer Success Group. My primary focus is to sustain that relationship as the customer embarks on their journey with Salesforce. I love working directly with customers and learning about what makes them tick — whether that's company culture or organizational structure, and what their goals and objectives are for the future.

Every day, I get the opportunity to sit down with new and existing customers to show them how Salesforce can help them not only achieve, but also exceed what they thought was possible for their business. There's nothing better than helping a business have that "aha" moment about how Salesforce can help them. I pinch myself when this happens. Having these kinds of conversations — with the world's biggest brands — gives me such a tremendous sense of pride.

Crafting the right solution for a given challenge

As an Account Partner, I've helped companies move from paper-based and Excel-based processes to adopting transformational solutions that decrease costs and increase revenue. We want our customers' customers to love them — we help improve their customers' satisfaction while also simplifying their processes such as customer engagement and employee onboarding.

Even though many of the companies we meet have similar objectives and business challenges, it's safe to say that no two companies are alike. Account Partners are uniquely positioned to use the full power of Salesforce's services to craft a customized solution that fuels their digital transformation. Once our customers see what our services can do for the first time, they're hooked. It often results in a domino effect, where the company begins migrating their legacy systems into one single, integrated solution — and truly a beautiful thing to see play out.

Fueling success at all levels

Our work in Salesforce's Customer Success Group goes above and beyond simply driving company goals. One of the things I love most about the work I do is seeing first-hand how the results we achieve together propel our customers' careers forward. It's an amazing feeling knowing that I've not only played a part in improving how they do business but, given our direct contacts, a new pathway to build their career. These are what we like to call "Trailblazer Stories" and you can read many of them on our blog, here.

Does Beth's story sound like something you'd like to do? Good news! We're hiring Account Partners. Come join the #SalesforceOhana today.