Colin Nanka embraces challenge. He finds opportunities to run towards them –  and sometimes right over them. This extraordinary drive for adventure led him to tackle the toughest terrain on earth: a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro to the Olturoto village.

This experience lit a spark and he now leads an effort to raise money for school construction and supplies in Africa – Tanzania, most specifically – as a director of the Kilimanjaro Education Foundation. The big takeaway here: some experiences can change life’s trajectory and open up new opportunities. It just requires the courage to take the first step – and actually believe you can achieve your goal.

You’ll see this attitude at work in Colin’s race across Patagonia:




Colin Nanka is Senior Director, Commercial Sales Enablement at Salesforce in New York. He rounds his profile as an ultra-runner, blogger, and director of the Kilimanjaro Education Foundation.