Today’s consumers expect more personalized and human interactions with brands due to the increased prevalence of technology and automation. Marketers can meet these elevated consumer expectations by using real-time interaction management, or RTIM, to collect data and information about how consumers engage with brands to enable more personalized interactions. 

Interaction Studio, the Salesforce RTIM platform, offers real-time, context-driven, omnichannel engagement that improves experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.


How to win in the moment


Consumers interact with your brand on their own time — often when they are most interested. In these moments, you can learn about each individual consumer’s interests and true intent, and then use those insights to build a seamless journey. 

By using RTIM, you receive engagement data in the moments that matter most gathered from online and offline interactions, and apply them directly to the consumer experience. 

Interaction Studio also adapts to changing consumer behavior to deliver the next best action, offer, or journey for the consumer based on how they interact with your brand in a given moment. With real-time analytics, you can recognize strong and weak touchpoints, making it easy for you to immediately react to opportunities to improve customer experiences. 

For example, when a consumer visits your site to explore products, Interaction Studio can tailor messages or product recommendations to enhance their customer journey.


Personalized consumer experiences


Consumers are increasingly becoming as loyal to a brand’s experience as they are to its products or services. They expect personalization in every interaction. According to our fourth annual State of Marketing report, 52% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t personalize communication, and 69% say personalized customer care has a major or moderate impact on their loyalty to a brand. 

Interaction Studio creates contextually-driven consumer profiles built on more than demographic and geographic data. With a more extensive engagement profile, you get a better understanding of the consumer’s interests and how each individual prefers to engage with your brand.


Connected omnichannel engagement


The State of Marketing report also found that 91% of high-performing marketers agree that a connected customer journey across all touchpoints and channels positively impacts customer loyalty. So what does this mean? It means all channels need to work together to produce a consistent flow of customer experiences throughout your campaign, whether that’s online or offline. To think outside individual channels, an omnichannel view is necessary, as well as taking a holistic approach to your campaign. Just remember, customers don’t think in channels, businesses do. If you want better results, consistency really counts.

Imagine arming your showroom sales team with a complete picture of a customer’s car buying journey, an engine of insight and knowledge made available to them the moment they walk through the door. This would allow your salesperson to instantly add value by extending that online personalization, in person. This crossover of data from digital to brick-and-mortar is what enables a seamless experience. 

Interaction Studio allows brands to understand each customer and orchestrate a personalized experience across every touchpoint, and all in real-time. 

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