Einstein Bots for Service, Salesforce's AI-powered bots for customer service, are now generally available and helping companies help their customers in more intuitive, seamless ways. Companies including Hulu, the television-streaming company, can now use machine learning and natural language processing to automate routine service requests and transform the service experience.

Released along with Einstein Bots, Einstein Next Best Action delivers intelligent recommendations and offers, and Lightning Flow for Service empowers businesses with tools to quickly design and automate customer processes.

Today, 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products, yet customer service organizations are often unable to rise to the challenge. For companies to truly compete on service, they must find scalable ways to quickly resolve low-level questions, navigate complex processes, and leverage intelligence to deliver great customer service experiences.


Lose your credit card? Einstein Bots can help

So how does all this work? Imagine a customer loses their credit card while on vacation and goes to the company website for help. An Einstein Bot initiates a chat session, gathers basic information (such as the customer’s name), and seamlessly passes the chat thread to a human agent to expedite the card replacement. Then a Lightning Flow process leads the agent and customer through steps to get a new card.

And because Einstein Bots for Service use machine learning and natural language processing, they improve with every interaction. How do Einstein Bots learn? Clement Tussiot, Salesforce’s Senior Director of Product Management explains:

“You have to do manual research on past interactions between agents and customers so the bot knows what to expect. You have to find as many variations of the same conversation as possible in order to train the bot. Then, once the bot is deployed, it learns by enabling agents/customers to provide feedback to the bot in real time if the bot isn’t getting it right, or if it is. That feedback loop will then enable the bot to improve after every interaction.”

To learn more about Service Cloud Einstein and how Einstein Bots for Service improve customer interaction, read more from Clement in this Q&A.

You can also explore more features of Service Cloud on Salesforce.com, and learn how companies can personalize customer service in a training on Trailhead.


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