Back in the wintery month of February, as we were getting our fill of homemade chicken noodle soup and toasting a marshmallow or two by the fire, we talked about launching the first-ever, Trailblazer-inspired cookbook. (If you’re wondering why a tech company would ever write a cookbook, here's your answer.)

And now that summer is finally here, with the smell of BBQ in the air and the taste of crisp, cold watermelon on my mind, our brand new cookbook, Cooking with Appyis quickly making its way to every Trailblazer’s kitchen all over the world. Don't believe me? In its first week, it was opened over 1,100 times. Talk about filling those virtual shelves!

But there’s more. A Trailblazer-inspired cookbook wouldn't be complete if every recipe wasn't accompanied by the partner or a customer’s favorite app stack to show how AppExchange apps work together to help their business thrive and grow. Check it out when you’ve got a free minute. No better time than when you’re waiting for the oven to preheat. (Just a thought!)

Now, for those of you who aren't ready to get your cooking on, here's a little snack to get you going:


Trailblazers Share 19 Apps to Pair With App-etizers

“In the 4th Industrial Revolution, manufacturers look to replace their legacy systems. RootstockZenkraftAvalara AvaTaxScribe, and FinancialForce Accounting help make it happen.” 
Andrew Rieser

Andrew's recipe: Cast Iron Sausage Dip


JustOn pairs well with Appero QuoteRollup Helper, and Salesforce CPQ to roll-up Salesforce data, create sophisticated quotes and proposals, and automate billing processes.”
- Marko Fliege

Marko's recipe: Thuringian Potato Dumplings


Clone This UserDemandToolsTrail Tracker and Footprints keep our team humming — and we experience amazing efficiency — without adding any admins to support our users.” 
Scott Luikart

Scott's recipe: App-Tastic Deviled Eggs



Nonprofit Success Pack is great for fundraising, Data Quality Tracker ensures that all data is clean, and Apsona makes administration more efficient.” 
- Medha Nanal

Medha's recipe: Peach Caprese-Style Salad



21 Apps to Go With These Trailblazin’ Entrees

Aircall’s phone system pairs well with Slack and Ebsta to boost your teams’ productivity and sync your calendars.” 
Clement Bruneau

Clement's recipe: Canard aux Olives (Duck with Olives)



“Nonprofits love these because Nonprofit Success Pack tracks metrics, Conga Composer thanks donors, and TaskRay manages projects.” 
Cheri Lovell

Cheri's recipe: Effortless Pork Tenderloin


“We use Campaign Member to add members who use similar functionality, Graphics Pack to visualize values, and DupeBlocker to block dupes.” 
Tom Blamire

Tom's recipe: Appy’s Chicken Primavera


“Want to cook up great reports? Rollup Helper makes it easy to run them, Slack shares them, and Spanning Backup backs them up.” 
Lori Witzel

See Lori's recipe: (with MapAnything too): Grilled Paneer Street Tacos



“Our admins manage role hierarchy with Draggin’ Role, default campaign statuses with AAkonsult, and run reports on field usage with Field Trip.” 
Rob Cowell

Rob's recipe: Moroccan-Inspired Lamb



“At Cloud for Good, we use this mix of apps – Conga ComposerForm AssemblyWorkatoPardot, and Apsona – to create and implement strategic solutions with non-profit and educational institutions.” 
Tal Frankfurt

Tal's recipe: Egg-cellent Shakshuka


25 Apps and Some Mouth-Watering Desserts

“Boomi Atmosphere and MDM plus Salesforce offers healthcare providers a balance between actionable, reliable data and providing the best possible patient care.” 
- Cathi Mason

Cathi's recipe (including Salesforce Health Cloud): Overnight Chocolate Chia Pudding


“When I kick off a project, Agile AcceleratorSamanageChatter RSS, and Copado ensure my team is set up for success right at the start.” 
Charly Prinsloo

Charly's recipe: South African Melktert


GetFeedback for tracking employee sentiments, Almond Learning Management for new customer training, and Import2 to get data from other products into Salesforce.” 
Matt Freeman

Matt's recipe: Ohana Lemon Bars


“Combine Conga Composer and Conga ActionGridGetFeedbackRingCentral, and TaskRay for data management and document generation, plus call center integration and survey feedback.” 
Monica Sandberg

Monica's recipe: Aloha Chocolate Macadamia Cookies



"Fonteva EventsMembership, and Framework along with Clone This User and DemandTools allow me to deliver the right functionality to our members — with confidence.” 
Shannon Zdanowicz

Shannon's recipe: The Stack


Rollup HelperSalesforce CPQField TripFormer Positions, and The Permissioner help create a firm foundation to scale our Sales Cloud org on, assist with cleanup, and boost productivity.” 
Bill Powell

Bill's recipe: Cinnamon Sticky Buns



What’s so inspiring about this cookbook is that every original recipe was submitted by a Trailblazer (a Salesforce customer or partner) who's as passionate about food just as they are about apps. So, not only are you cooking with Appy – aka, your guide to the partner ecosystem – you’re also cooking with the community. Enjoy!