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Innovation is all about preparing organizations and their people for drastic change.  More about the “how” than the “what”. The mindset, culture, discipline, and processes.  At Capgemini we help businesses discover and perfect how to bring that change in order to create and deliver business, technology and digital solutions that fit their needs, enabling them to achieve innovation and competitiveness. This power to bring change is needed more today than ever. Fueled by technology innovation and a vibrant startup ecosystem, organizations are in a prime environment to evolve at an exponential pace. Advancements in the field of artificial intelligence, as just one example, and the ability to massively exploit this and other innovation waves provide opportunities for changing business models, creating new customer interactions, and generating new revenue streams.  

Businesses with inspiration, dedication and prioritization have an excellent opportunity to re-energize their innovation capability. By committing to and embracing an applied innovation business paradigm, those businesses will find a lucrative niche capable of expanding their addressable markets. The result is a future-ready organization  that can survive no matter how volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous the circumstances. 

Connect with Capgemini to learn more about how your company can become a future-ready organization. You'll find Capgemini in a few key places at Dreamforce: at Platinum Sponsor Booth 918; in the Campground where we are the Exclusive Retail Headliner Sponsor; and in the Manufacturing Lodge. For more go to:



Author Bio: Lanny S. Cohen is the Global Chief Innovation Officer of Capgemini. You can follow him on Twitter at @LannySCohen.





How can I be more relevant to my customers? That’s the challenge many organizations are confronting in the midst of an ever-changing competitive landscape and a customer base with continually increasing expectations. Add to that the introduction of digital technologies, and it’s easy to see why the quest for customer relevance is so vexing.


That quest is key to our mission at Cognizant, a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, dedicated to helping the world's leading companies build stronger businesses.


To combat declining revenue growth rates and decreasing customer retention, companies need a holistic business value framework. This helps to diagnose and identify core problems that are inhibiting growth or slowing necessary transformation. Then you can apply a strategic approach to revenue growth that lies at the intersection of customer relevance, sales effectiveness, marketing effectiveness and service effectiveness.


So how do you start this journey?  The most successful approach is to begin with a short-term assessment that determines the severity of impact and linkage to deeper core problems. With that knowledge you can construct a roadmap of prioritized next steps. One caution – don’t just focus on operational efficiencies as a narrow approach to cost-cutting. To thrive amid unprecedented levels of change, senior leaders need to turn their attention to cultivating new revenue streams via innovative products and services – that’s the pathway to customer relevance.



Author Bio: Jay Noble is the AVP of Cognizant’s Salesforce practice  responsible for all delivery capabilities of the firm within North America. In this role he interacts with project teams, Salesforce personnel and, most importantly, the clients undergoing their technical and business transformation.




How are Salesforce customers doing business faster, at less cost? By connecting and automating how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage sales contracts and other agreements. The DocuSign for Salesforce case studies show how to: accelerate turnaround time from days to minutes, reduce costs by eliminating paper, increase Salesforce adoption, and simplify people’s experiences by sending agreements from within Salesforce.


If you are already one of the thousands of customers using DocuSign for Salesforce to modernize your System of Agreement, we invite you to join us to see what’s new. If you’d like to understand how to completely digitize and automate your agreement process or learn where DocuSign and SpringCM, a cloud-based document generation and contract lifecycle management innovator, can transform the foundation of doing business – the agreement process, you are very welcome at customer expo booth #1218, or in one of our sessions.


As a Platinum Salesforce partner, a Platinum (Customer Expo) & (Trailhead) Sponsor of Dreamforce 2018, and a provider of one of the top paid apps in the Salesforce AppExchange, we will be bringing our biggest and best Dreamforce presence ever. We look forward to seeing you there!



Author Bio: Trevor Niblock is the Global Director of Salesforce Partner Marketing at DocuSign. He is responsible for joint and innovative Go-To-Market with Salesforce to delight our combined customers.







Tools like Google Maps and Waze help us in our daily lives when searching for the best route from point A to point B. Optimization has already been incorporated into many business strategies in a variety of areas.  


So why do routing and scheduling still seem to pose such a major challenge for field service organizations? Today’s competitive landscape and high customer expectations lead to several layers of tradeoffs and considerations. As Field Technologies Online indicates in their recent report, “State of Field Services 2018,” the demands of customers are shifting as well, from response time to resolution time, and from reactive support to proactive support.

With this in mind, optimization now demands a multi-objective approach that can accommodate time windows, customer priorities, SLAs, visit requirements and spacing considerations. At MapAnything we have taken a new approach to these difficult routing and scheduling problems, exposing fine-grained control over how these tradeoffs are handled.  I look forward to discussing more about our recently released MapAnything Routing Engine (MARE) at my session “The Field Service Dilemma: Solving Today’s Multi-Objective Routing and Scheduling Problem,” at Dreamforce this year. Hope to see you there!



Author Bio: Chris Groer, SVP of Routing and Optimization, MapAnything. In 2017, Chris joined MapAnything to lead a team of computer scientists and operations researchers in a new routing and optimization department, dedicated to developing a cloud-based system for rich, multi-objective routing and scheduling problems.




Contracts and agreements are the lifeblood of your organization, but deals often grind to a halt when they hit the contract stage. The longer it takes to get a contract prepared, signed, enacted and managed, the longer it takes to receive revenue from the deal. The innovative SpringCM platform has helped Salesforce customers better manage contracts throughout their full lifecycle — from contract generation to renewal. The results are more transparency and security, reduced operating costs and accelerated revenue.


Now, as part of the DocuSign family, SpringCM is helping Salesforce customers modernize their System of Agreement. If you’d like to understand how to completely digitize and automate your agreement process or learn where DocuSign and SpringCM can transform the foundation of doing business – the agreement process, join us in the customer expo (booth #1118) or in one of our sessions.


As a Platinum Salesforce partner, a Platinum (Customer Expo) & (Trailhead) Sponsor of Dreamforce 2018, we have expanded our Dreamforce presence this year to showcase our passion for transforming and automating the foundation of doing business—the agreement process. We look forward to seeing you there!



Author Bio: Will Wiegler has been the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at SpringCM and is now proud to be part of the DocuSign team, bringing the vision and benefits of a modern System of Agreement to Salesforce customers worldwide.




Digital technologies and innovations are accelerating the transformation to Business 4.0. Discover how the world’s leading enterprises are partnering with TCS to succeed in their transformation journeys, unlocking exponential value and delivering meaningful and personalized customer experiences.  


A proud Platinum sponsor of Dreamforce 2018, TCS will present our best success stories with customers including Thomson Reuters, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Join these sessions to gain insights into how we are harnessing Salesforce solutions and the latest technology innovations to redefine customer experiences.


At booth #1018, which we have titled “Journey to the Era of Business 4.0”, see how we are leveraging the combinatorial power of analytics, IoT, cloud and Salesforce technologies to build future-ready enterprises. Connect with our consultants to gain insights and exchange ideas on how we help leaders navigate complex business transformation journeys. Visit for more information on our show presence and sponsorship.


We look forward to seeing you at Dreamforce 2018!


      Author Bio: Julie Freeman is the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for the Business and Technology Services Organization at Tata Consultancy Services, a Salesforce Global Strategic Partner.