Here at Salesforce, we are constantly impressed with the innovation of our customers — and there's no better example than in the work being done by our nonprofit Trailblazers.

Nonprofits — more so than for-profit companies — are typically encumbered by legacy systems, have no budget for modernization, and frequently face adoption challenges from communities with limited tech skills or volunteer workforces uninterested in using tools they don’t like.

However, as Marc Benioff, our founder and Co-CEO likes to say: “The business of business is improving the state of the world.” That was the inspiration for our new ebook, “AI for Good: Nonprofit Trends and Use Cases.” We wanted to show how nonprofits can harness the power of AI to both do good and gain the necessary skills to spark the adoption of new technologies within their organizations and their communities — all via a simple, three-step plan:

  1. Capture Data

  2. Learn from Data

  3. Act on Insights

These steps are practical and immediately actionable, especially for nonprofit organizations where change tends to be met with resistance. But how to manage change, especially around digital transformation, is an important and urgent conversation to have if they want to elevate their “doing good” efforts well into the future.   


Separating Fact and Fiction


To achieve this, we need to first separate fantasy from reality. AI isn’t about Hollywood-inspired Transcendence” fantasies of uploading our brains into immortal bodies with telekinetic powers. It’s also not about a “job-ocalypse” where people are replaced by robots and algorithms. For many nonprofit organizations, AI can feel like a daunting, uncomfortable, and esoteric concept.  

However, equipped with powerful mission statements and a relentless desire to overcome universal concerns, nonprofits have a unique opportunity to use technology to do more good and communicate their value to the communities that need to know.

This ebook will help you start a thoughtful conversation around the importance of technology for nonprofit organizations. How do we make AI relevant to those who think it’s just hype? How can we make AI feel accessible to those who think it’s only for the tech-savvy? How can technology be employed in a thoughtful way to advance your mission? What are the ethical issues or concerns that nonprofit organizations should keep in mind as they implement new technologies? We address these questions in the ebook — and a lot more.  


From Complexity to Simplicity


As Albert Einstein put it, “Creating simplicity from complexity can change how we see the world.” This is the goal of this ebook: to make sense of a complex topic like AI to help our nonprofit Trailblazers realize the full potential of their mission and their organization as a whole. Download a free copy of the ebook here:



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