In 2016, a small grassroots movement within Salesforce started our first resource group for employees with disabilities and their allies and named it, Abilityforce. Over the last 2+ years, we've made significant steps to improving access across our real estate properties, products, internal tools, and Dreamforce.

At Salesforce, we believe that business is one of the greatest platforms for change. That's why we do our best to ensure that Dreamforce feels like an opportunity of a lifetime for all. — with 2,700+ sessions, a chance to get hands-on with the latest innovations, and to learn from Trailblazers across every industry — we know the value in attending the most exciting technology conference of the year!

We hope to become not just the most exciting technology conference of the year, but also the most accessible. Why? It's the right thing to do. We want all of our guests, including our Ohana members with disabilities, to feel like they can participate fully in everything Dreamforce has to offer. That's why, in partnership with our Events Team, we've been hard at work to thread disability inclusion throughout our planning, development, and execution of Dreamforce '18. I'm excited to share some of these highlights!


Getting around campus

Navigating a conference like Dreamforce can be a challenge for anyone. As a wheelchair user myself, I've experienced this first hand. It's difficult to break down every barrier, but we've worked to identify key areas to improve accessibility for our guests with mobility and vision-related needs. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 50+ Abilityforce volunteers will be stationed around campus all week to assist guests and employees with disabilities.
  • We're partnering with Kushner & Associates to provide an accessible shuttle which will operate during conference hours and to the Dreamfest concert.
  • Attendees can make arrangements for a personal mobility device on the Scootaround Dreamforce Page and have the device transported to and from campus or their hotel.
  • For those who have difficulty walking long distances, rest stops will be strategically placed throughout the Dreamforce campus, and seating areas will be marked with Abilityforce signage asking attendees to, “kindly offer this seat to guests with disabilities who need them.”
  • We've incorporated low-sensory zones around campus to provide attendees with a quiet place to take a break from the action of Dreamforce or meditate.


Attending a session or keynote

With thousands coming to Dreamforce and 15 million+ online viewers around the world, we understand the importance of equal access and opportunity to all the amazing content shared throughout the week.

  • Reserved seating for people with disabilities is available at all keynotes within clear view of American Sign Language interpreters and with ample space for guests who use wheelchairs.
  • Guests with disabilities can have priority access to keynote rooms, with Abilityforce volunteers trained and ready to escort guests as needed.
  • Live Captioning will be available for all streamed sessions on Salesforce Live.
  • ASL interpreters will be available for all keynotes, as well as Dreamfest. In addition, interpreters are available to assist with breakout sessions and at lodges throughout campus as needed by request.
  • We have partnered with One Interpreting to provide on-demand transcription in breakout sessions as needed.


Trailblazers with disabilities

How truly accessible would Dreamforce be without amazing representation from our disability community? This year, we're thrilled to welcome speakers with disabilities, as well as sessions dedicated to the themes of inclusivity and accessibility.

Our special guests with disabilities include:

  • Michelle Sullivan, President and Director of Corporate Social Innovation at the Caterpillar Foundation
  • Maysoon Zayid, comedian, actress, tap dancer, and disability advocate

Inclusivity and Accessibility sessions include:


Visit our Dreamforce Accessibility page for more tips, accommodations, and details on how we're making Dreamforce '18 the most accessible yet! And if you have any accessibility-related questions or feedback on how we can make Dreamforce more accessible for all, we'd love to hear from you. Contact our events team at or @mention me, Sunday Parker on the “All Dreamforce” chatter group in the Success Community.

Sunday Parker is an Accessibility Evangelist on our Product Accessibility and User Experience team at Salesforce focused on training and outreach both internally and to our broader Ohana.