Are you just as curious as Codey is about everything happening at Dreamforce this year? We don't blame you. Now, with Day 2 coming to a close, we thought we'd share a few of our favorite moments from the past 24 hours, including a visit from Lilou, our resident philanthro-pig, to dancing for Equality at Space Camp Outfierce. All in all, today was another great day at Dreamforce. Scroll down for the full scoop!


That Google Relationship Keeps Getting Better


Customers can now purchase Google Marketing Platform products — including Google Analytics 360, Google Optimize 360 and Google Tag Manager 360 — directly from Salesforce in the U.S. and Canada. This simplifies the buying experience for customers looking to increase their marketing effectiveness with an integrated mix of industry-leading solutions, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Google Analytics 360.


Famous Philanthropig Visits the Dreamforest


Large conferences can be a stressful environment, but Dreamforce-goers were feeling a lot better after encountering Lilou, the world's first airport therapy pig. This SF SPCA certified therapist and all-around 'Dreampig' brought smiles and selfie moments to the crowd.


Apple and Salesforce: "Besties" 


Apple’s VP of Product Marketing Susan Prescott kicked off a fireside chat with Salesforce CMO Stephanie Buscemi by calling Salesforce and Apple “besties.” The two companies have long been aligned in mission and values – and just signed a new strategic partnership helping app developers and customers. The session went on to discuss the many ways that mobile and apps, in particular, are changing marketing. Dreamforce was cited as an example: “I didn’t even bring my laptop,” said Stephanie. 


Should you really trust that robot?


“People tend to trust algorithms, and they don’t apply critical thinking skills in the same way we would with human beings. There was a Georgia Tech experiment where students willingly followed robots towards a burning building. If I was trying to lead you guys towards a burning building, you would say “No. I’m not going to follow you, you’re crazy!” That’s not what they did...students were just thinking that this robot knows best”. – Timnit Gebru, research scientist at Google, warning a Dreamforce audience on Wednesday about the dangers of ‘automation bias’. Read more from Gebru here.



GREAT Hat, Trailblazer


Karen Rivera, a Dallas-based Salesforce Administrator for Cleaver-Brooks, said her hat was inspired by Trailhead and equality. In the two minutes we chatted with Karen between morning sessions, a handful of attendees passing by called out, “Love the hat!” “Great hat!” She smiled and said, “It’s like in Alice and Wonderland — ‘they say I’m bonkers, but I’ll tell you a secret — all the best people are.’” 


The Risk of Bias in AI


What are the great fears related to artificial intelligence – job loss? Retraining? Two top thought leaders told Dreamforce attendees Wednesday that ingrained bias could be more harmful, and the problem comes from humans. Developers — implementers — need to be careful about the employee-training data they feed into systems, for instance. “It might actually be easier to fix an algorithm than it would be to fix the biases of 10,000 store managers,” Richard Socher, Salesforce’s Chief Scientist, told moderator Ina Fried of Axios. Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures, and author of the book “AI Super Powers,” said the United States must support key institutions to stay ahead of China in AI. “If the U.S. doesn’t have an immigration policy and funding for education, that’s when the Chinese advantage will be real.” 


Dreamforce Fortune executive summit


Yo Yo Ma was interviewed by Salesforce Chairman and co-CEO interviewed and performed for executives attending the Fortune Executive at Dreamforce. Summit


2 Legit 2 Quit


You never know who you'll see wandering around Dreamforce. You could even stumble upon a trio of friends like @MCHammer, @davidblaine, and @JRart at some point during the week. (And if you suddenly have an urge to bust a move to “Can't Touch This,” just know you're not alone...)


Swiss ABB Shows Us the Importance of a Service Mindset


Dreamforce veteran guitarist and singer LT Smooth kicked off a fireside chat on Wednesday that discussed an endearing robot named Yumi who can conduct orchestras. Ulrich Spiesshofer, CEO of ABB Ltd., and Marc Benioff, Co-CEO of Salesforce also discussed the importance of values, diversity, education, and the promise of AI. ABB is a Swiss company pioneering all kinds of technology, and recently ranked #8 on Fortune's Change the World List. Ulrich closed the session in a nod to the company's customer-first approach. "Some people say 'I own,' 'I run'." I like to say 'I serve'."


A Walk in the Zen


The monks and nuns of Plum Village in France mindfully strayed from the Dreamforce campus for a stroll around the neighborhood with Trailblazers on Wednesday. Their home, the Plum Village Monastery in Southern France, is home of the great Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.




Mulesoft Keynote Counts Clouds


"The average enterprise has 1,100 cloud applications... 1,100!" At Wednesday's Integration keynote, MuleSoft CMO Vidya Peter shared the challenge of organizations to connect all of their applications, data and devices. CEO Greg Schott and CPO Mark Dao then hit the stage to discuss why integration is one of the most strategic initiatives a company can invest in today and how MuleSoft is an engine for digital transformation. You can learn the ABCs of APIs, integration and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform here.


Equality Is Fierce!


On Monday night, Outforce, our Ohana Group that celebrates equality and promotes diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity, threw the party Space Camp Outfierce, which doubled as a fundraiser. Outforce set an ambitious goal to raise $60,000 for the Trevor Project, providing life-saving crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ+ youth. Help them get over the interstellar finish line by sending a text to 41444 with: Outfierce [your amount] [your name]. Equality for all! 



“Conversational Bulldozer”?


Speak up in meetings, and get others to do it too, says Brigid Warmerdam, Equality Education Manager at Salesforce. “Conversational bulldozers” are those verbose bombasts who totally dominate meetings, and drown out everyone, and everything, else. They're kryptonite to inclusive teams and innovation. And, “Mansplainers” are in a different category.

Brigid Warmerdam is our doyenne of inclusive meetings


A Celebration of Trailblazers


"This is a celebration of you, our Trailblazers, of everything you are doing. It's an incredible moment,” Co-CEO Marc Benioff said Tuesday as he strode through a cheering crowd sparkling with occasional gold hoodies bestowed upon celebrated Trailblazers. Miss the main keynote? Read the highlights and watch the video here. And don't miss the hilarious moment of relaxation with Chief Equality Officer Tony Prophet (below).