I'm coming up on my first anniversary at Salesforce. After years of listening to stories about the “magic of Dreamforce,” I finally got to see what all of the fuss was about - this massive take over of San Francisco. The experience absolutely blew me away. What made Dreamforce special to me was the ecosystem. Yes, there are product launches, celebrity interviews, characters, and concerts but the heart of Dreamforce is the community who comes together for 4 days of innovation, giving back, and mingling with the Ohana. The Salesforce Ohana is customers, prospects, and, of course, partners. One of the best questions I always get asked is...


Who are our partners?

Hundreds of Salesforce partners come to Dreamforce every year from around the world. They're here to share industry expertise and bring innovation to life in a huge way. After all, it's thanks to their innovation and expertise with our solutions that the Salesforce platform is home to thousands of solutions that help businesses across all industries engage with their customers in more relevant, personalized, and meaningful ways.



What makes our partner ecosystem so unique is that we share common values. Amazing things happen when our efforts get multiplied. Last year, during the Partner Keynote, Salesforce Co-CEO, Keith Block, asked a Vetforce veteran to join him on stage. The Vetforce member talked about how his career transition to become a Salesforce admin changed his life. It was at that moment I realized the power of working together. We are extraordinarily proud that our partners share our core values of equality, diversity, and inclusion, and are dedicated to giving back.

Our collective focus on community will really come alive at Dreamforce where everyone is a part of an opportunity to make a difference. This year, to commemorate “Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month,” we're joining forces with our partners and Dreamforce Attendees to raise funds for UCSF Children's Hospital. Be sure to attend the Partner Keynote to hear about the amazing work we're doing with UCSF — and to find out how to participate.


Bookmark the Partner Keynote here.

How to engage with the Broader Salesforce ecosystem?
Whether this is your first or your fourteenth Dreamforce, you'll want to make your way through the Dreamforce campus to uncover the best partner ecosystem in the business and discover the future of technology. You'll find an impressive range of partners who are industry experts. Their mission is to help customers to attain the greatest value from their Salesforce investment. Here are just a few ways our partners will bring the magic to Dreamforce (and beyond):

  • The Customer Expo is where the magic happens. It's where you can see customer success first-hand via a series of demos, showcases, and films. The Expo also gives partners an opportunity to show off their solutions, offer strategic guidance, and form relationships to help customers transform their businesses.


  • Our partners create incredible solutions that help companies across all industries, reimagine how they connect with customers throughout their digital experience. The all-new Industry Campground in the Moscone South conference center is the perfect place to learn, innovate, and celebrate all of this. To plan the ultimate industry experience at Dreamforce '18, be sure to check out these trail maps for a day-by-day breakdown by industry.



We're excited for you to experience four action-packed days of growth, innovation, and impact along with some new surprises. I hope you are as excited as I was going into my first Dreamforce, to explore and experience all that partners have to offer our customers. As I get ready for my second Dreamforce, the future has never looked more promising for customers - thanks to the help of partners who power the amazing Salesforce platform!

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