Dreamforce brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and thousands of your peers for a week of idea sharing. You’ll learn, you’ll network, and you’ll grow. And most importantly, you’ll have a ton of fun. Whether you’re a company of five or a Fortune 500, you’re going to see a boom in success by coming to Dreamforce. With over 2,700 sessions and thousands of live solutions from the world’s largest cloud ecosystem, Dreamforce has tailored content specific to your industry, role, and company size. 

Now that Agenda Builder is live, it's time for every future attendee to start building their perfect schedule to get the most of Dreamforce '18. Find the trail maps for your role and industry and discover our curated recommendations to make your four days at Dreamforce perfect.


What are Trail Maps?

Dreamforce is a BIG event. To help you navigate it quickly and successfully, we asked our internal experts to build custom agendas for all roles, industries, and products. By using trail maps, you can quickly add recommended sessions to your agenda by clicking directly through to Agenda Builder — thereby wasting no time to save your seat at some of the hottest sessions. 

This year's trail maps not only give you tips on what sessions to attend, but will also highlight experiences to check out in the Campground, Lodges, Stations, and more. Did we mention that they also highlight networking events (read: parties) for you to connect with your industry or line of business peers? While Agenda builder is the tool to book sessions, think of trail maps as cheat sheets from a buddy who really wants you to have your BEST Dreamforce ever!


Map Your Four Perfect Days Now!

Scroll to find the trail map for your area of focus, by role or industry:

Sales: dreamforce.com/trailmap/sales

Service: dreamforce.com/trailmap/service

B2B Marketing: dreamforce.com/trailmap/b2bmarketing

B2C Marketing: dreamforce.com/trailmap/b2cmarketing

IT: dreamforce.com/trailmap/it

Analytics: dreamforce.com/trailmap/einstein

Commerce: dreamforce.com/trailmap/commerce

Financial Services: dreamforce.com/trailmap/financialservices

Healthcare & Life Sciences: dreamforce.com/trailmap/hls

Retail & Consumer Goods: dreamforce.com/trailmap/retail

Manufacturing: dreamforce.com/trailmap/manufacturing

Communications & Media: dreamforce.com/trailmap/commsmedia

Government: dreamforce.com/trailmap/government

Travel, Transportation & Hospitality: dreamforce.com/trailmap/tth

Education: dreamforce.com/trailmap/education

Nonprofit: dreamforce.com/trailmap/nonprofit

Partners: AppExchange (ISV): dreamforce.com/trailmap/appexchangepartner

Partners: Consulting & Agency: dreamforce.com/trailmap/partner

SMB: dreamforce.com/trailmap/smb

Admin: dreamforce.com/trailmap/admins


Please note trail maps will continue to evolve as the Dreamforce schedule changes, so check back to each link regularly for the latest information. And if you want more tips to make this the most memorable Dreamforce yet, check out Trailhead and our “Get Ready for Dreamforce” Trail.