Before Astro, Codey, Cloudy, Max the Mule, and the rest of the Salesforce mascots joined the club, there was SaaSy, the original Salesforce mascot. Born in 2000, back in the days when the cloud was still new-ish, SaaSy was a symbol of rebellion... from the traditional client-server model, that is.

Created by Bruce Campbell in the early days of Salesforce, SaaSy helped us challenge the notion of what enterprise software should be. Part mascot, part buddy, SaaSy was there for Marc and Parker on their trailblazing No Software journey. Over the years we've seen SaaSy play pranks, earn laughs, and break it down on the dance floor. SaaSy has even joined the social revolution — are you following @TooSaaSy on Twitter? If not, get on it!

Yes, SaaSy is a lovable and loyal part of the Salesforce Ohana. No one lights up a room quite like SaaSy -- and if you don't believe that, check out a sampling of SaaSy's best friends from Twitter: 

Though born in 2000, SaaSy didn't join us at Dreamforce until 2008. So in honor of SaaSy's decade of Dreamforces, we're hiding 18 SaaSies around the Dreamforce '18 campus. Use #WhereIsSaaSy across your social channels when you find one of the hidden SaaSies and we'll highlight our favorites during and after Dreamforce.

Want to know where to find them? Here are some clues...

  1. What's SaaSier than heading into the keynote rooms and getting inspired by visionary, thought-provoking speakers? Before you walk in, you have to walk down... and SaaSy can be found where you take your steps.
  2. Entering the Dreamforce National Park, heading to registration, from the Dreamforest, you'll walk through one of many doors... What's above one of those doors? Oh! There you are, SaaSy! Hidden in plain sight, on the top of a mountain.
  3. On the inside is the Trailhead Zone, but on the outside, SaaSy is hiding on a path to success on 4th St.
  4. Dreamforce is full of dreamy swag, and one of the top spots to grab all sorts of Dreamforce and Salesforce gear also has SaaSy hiding out!
  5. In the same building as the Customer Success Expo, you'll also find SaaSy watching Astro and Codey zipline on the upper lobby, on their way to customer success!
  6. Before you walk into the building that houses the Customer Success Expo, take a look at the imagery across the front of the building.
  7. The Campground is the place to be! So obviously SaaSy wouldn't miss out on the fun. Look for Astro and Einstein doing a little boating on the river to success, and you'll be able to find SaaSy nearby.
  8. SaaSy is not missing out on the S3 Lodge either. Find the theater named for the type of tree that can live up to 3,000 years, and you'll find SaaSy!
  9. Like royalty, when you enter the Marketing, Commerce, and Retail Lodge at the Palace Hotel, you'll be greeted by SaaSy. Can you find SaaSy where you “Engage Every Possibility”?
  10. Look to be welcomed by SaaSy as you are welcomed to the Industry Lodges on the 5th floor of the InterContinental.
  11. What do you find in the Metreon at CityView? Success? Then hopefully you can successfully find SaaSy amongst one of the areas to watch live presentations.
  12. Heading from Moscone South towards Moscone North, you'll be joined by SaaSy on your journey! SaaSy prefers dry climates, if you were wondering.
  13. SaaSy goes underground because SaaSy has no fear. Can you find SaaSy amongst the other characters digging for jewels, something sparkly, and of course, success?
  14. SaaSy is not as tall as a column, but SaaSy can be found on one of the columns in the same building as the Customer Success Expo.
  15. The Trailhead Zone wouldn't be the same without SaaSy! So SaaSy found a spot within the signage for a place thats named for a building that houses an astronomical telescope.
  16. Above the Trailhead Zone we have some rapids, and since SaaSy never says no to an opportunity to go swimming, take a look for SaaSy, hanging with the fish.
  17. Head up one more floor. At the “Peak” of Moscone West, you'll find SaaSy flying high above the sea.
  18. SaaSy is smart... but as smart as Einstein? Head over to Einstein's Dreamforce home and look among the rocks to see SaaSy rockin' out!

We can't wait to see you at Dreamforce, September 25-28! Make sure to use #WhereIsSaaSy across social media as you find SaaSy across campus!