Are you ready for your Dreamforce journey to begin? If you have the Salesforce Events app, your answer is YES! The Salesforce Events app is the best way for attendees to stay connected to everything happening at Dreamforce:

It's always been a helpful tool but his year, we've introduced some great new features. Here's a peek at what you'll find in this year's app:


Ask Einstein


We've brought AI and voice to the Events app with "Ask Einstein." Ask Einstein is the easiest way to get help at Dreamforce. Just tap the Einstein icon from the home screen to open our AI-powered Dreamforce bot. You can ask or type questions about the general campus, your schedule, or any other event-related detail. Ask Einstein learns as the entire Dreamforce community asks questions and continually improves its answers. Try it out!

Play Quest to win


Dreamforce Quest is the fun way to give back at Dreamforce. This year our Quest scavenger hunt challenge takes you through four of the best experiences at Dreamforce. When you complete your four stops, your Quest will be complete! You'll win a prize and unlock a $50 donation toward raising $1 million to help end homelessness in the Bay Area. And then, keep going! Check the My Prizes screen for more ways to win at Dreamforce. To play Quest, tap Quest on the home screen of the Salesforce Events app or scan your badge at any Quest tower at Dreamforce.

Explore with navigator


Have you ever attended an event and felt unsure how to make the most of it, for you? We've heard this feedback from Dreamforce attendees, and this year we're introducing a great new tool to help deliver Dreamforce just for you. Navigator takes your Dreamforce profile and compares it to the activities in your location. It then shows you additional activities that are the best match for your day. You can try Navigator in the Campground, Trailhead Zone, or at any lodge. To get started, just tap Navigator in the Salesforce Events app home screen or scan your badge at any Navigator tower. 

Find event details in info


With the app in your hand and your agenda filled with great sessions, you'll be off to a great start. But what about everything else at Dreamforce? To learn more about what's going on, just tap Info, and explore each area to get started. Info is the place where you'll find every piece of information you can think of, including schedules, Dreamfest, descriptions of key areas, and other experiences that make Dreamforce so special! 


There's a lot going on at Dreamforce, so we've worked hard to bring you an amazing events app to help you make the most of it — and, of course, it's 100% built on the Salesforce platform. Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play, log in, and get started now to make this your best Dreamforce ever!