The media industry is experiencing rapid change — and it's affecting everyone from studios and broadcasters to publishers and entertainment companies (and everything else in between). Advances in technology and the evolution of consumer behavior has pushed the media industry to bridge the gap between content and the people who consume it.

As cord-cutting and binge-watching are increasingly becoming the norm, over the top (OTT) media companies like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon are rapidly gaining market share. Because OTT companies control both content development and distribution, they're able to communicate and engage directly with their customers while simultaneously cutting out many of the traditional players in the process. This provides them with a direct line for feeding content and communications to consumers. However, in order to stay competitive in this changing landscape, all media companies must continue adjusting and adapting their strategies to align with the content consumption behavior of today's consumers.

And although the competition is getting more fierce each day, media companies still stand a chance to win in the face of all this change. To do this, they must eliminate the disconnect between content and consumer, create more personalized and engaging customer journeys, and identify ways to encourage — and even incentivize — customer loyalty. This is how media companies can capitalize on this disruption.

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