During our second quarter earnings call, the message was loud and clear: if Salesforce is on a rocketship ride, partners are the fuel helping us keep pace. Customers are hungry for ways to accelerate their businesses — and extend the power of the Salesforce platform — without huge investments in time and resources. Partners, their technologies, and a thriving ecosystem are more critical for our success than ever before.

In the new  “Guidebook: Salesforce AppExchange” report, Nucleus Research found that the combination of proprietary Salesforce technologies and access to the entire Salesforce ecosystem is what uniquely helps partners grow their businesses and equally allows them to contribute robust solutions for all Salesforce customers to use.

As part of this report, Nucleus asked AppExchange partners the following question, “Why Salesforce AppExchange?” Here’s what they had to say:


Partners move from prototype to product four to 10 times faster


Access to the Salesforce platform — and all related tools and components — enable AppExchange partners to focus their resources more squarely on development and innovation. This allows them to accelerate time to market, shorten the time required for vetting and security reviews, and reallocate lower-level developer resources to bigger tasks. Partners can now move from prototype to product four to 10 times faster with Salesforce.

“Add an object and define some business rules to be up and running. You don’t have to be a deep coder to build products on the platform.” — AppExchange Partner


50% of Partners’ leads come from AppExchange


Partners typically receive up to 50% of their leads from AppExchange— for little or no cost. Qualified leads from other sources typically cost between $80 to $500 per lead.


“Without additional cost, roughly 10 percent of our monthly leads come from the AppExchange” — AppExchange Partner


AppExchange provides partners with marketing and branding resources, in addition to ongoing support as part of the overall relationship. AppExchange partners tap into a market of more than 150,000 Salesforce customers in 100+ countries with their AppExchange listing. This, combined with partners leveraging Salesforce’s brand recognition as a whole, makes for a bigger impact both on the bottom line and reaching prospects.


100% yearly business growth


With AppExchange, partners experience a reduction in overall development and delivery costs along with an accelerated time to market. Increased access to qualified leads — and an accelerated sales cycle driven by the Salesforce network effect coupled with rapid technology and security vetting – have made it possible for partners to increase profits rapidly. In fact, many partners grew at more than 100% per year.

“Our ISV manager spends a lot of time with us, and he has multiple partners. With the relationships he has, he can connect us with the right teams, on certain deals.” — AppExchange Partner


No. 1 enterprise cloud marketplace


A network effect happens when your product increases in value as more people use it. Companies with the strongest network effects tend to win — and win big. This is true for partners within both the Salesforce ecosystem and AppExchange – the No. 1 enterprise cloud marketplace. At Dreamforce 2018, we’ll discuss how combining the powers of the Salesforce network effect with the latest platform technology delivers unparalleled business growth for partners and customers.


“The questions of how big a company you are don’t come up when you’re on AppExchange. You’re a Salesforce partner and they know by extension they are able to work with you in a simpler manner.” — AppExchange Partner


Considering that 90 percent of Salesforce customers use AppExchange solutions, and that we have achieved nearly 6 million installs to date, there’s an enormous opportunity for partners of all sizes and specializations to grow revenue and market reach faster than ever before through AppExchange. This is true whether you’re an individual developer, a startup company, or an ISV.


“There’s a community – Salesforce encourages the community – they support these MVPs and they give us feedback, and help us with feature requests. And people rely on Salesforce MVPs for recommendations on partners.” — AppExchange Partner


Be sure to get your free copy of Guidebook: Salesforce AppExchange report today for even more data and insights, and if you’re interested in joining the AppExchange partner program, join here.