At Salesforce we celebrate Trailblazers: the drivers, never the passengers, the forever curious, the risk takers who are blazing trails for others to follow. PepUp Tech is an organization built by and for Trailblazers committed to reaching back to help lift their communities up. It was founded by four women of color, Selina Suarez, Rebe de la Paz, Stephanie Herrera, and Shonnah Hughes, to help build pathways in the tech industry by empowering underrepresented minorities with the skills needed to succeed.




Programs like PepUp Tech are building the diverse workforce — not of the future — but of today, right now. PepUp Tech stands for "People Empowering People Up into Tech." They do this by elevating innovative and talented candidates who may not have previously had the access and networks needed to break into Tech. For example, PepUp Tech’s Salesforce Bootcamp connects college students and professionals to the Salesforce Ecosystem through a comprehensive training program, mentorship, and networking.



This year, we are partnering to bring over 70 students from PepUp Tech’s 2018 cohort to Dreamforce '18 for a week of inspiration, enablement, and opportunity. If you’re interested in meeting or hiring these Salesforce experts and exceptional tech candidates, get more information by following @PepUpTech on Twitter or heading to

We believe that every single person deserves an equal opportunity to succeed — and together we can build more equal workplaces, industries, and societies for all.