Half of all sales metrics will change in the next three years. Closing a deal may be replaced as the top goal by teaching the client to use a product. What does this quickly changing sales landscape mean to you and your company? Find out with this slide deck based on the Salesforce report, “State of the Connected Customer, Second Edition.”


The deck hits two major themes:


  • Staying connected. More than half (59%) of sales reps are now empowered to make add-on renewal quotes and orders directly from their CRM. This means your organization must be plugged in — to mobile, social, and real-time communications.
  • Artificial intelligence. Three-quarters of sales teams using AI are adding staff at the same time that quota attainment on sales teams has gone down for the past five years. Most customers see chatbots as the most effective way to convey basic information — and they expect personalization of experience.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is ushering in a new era in sales, based on constant communication and human-machine teaming. How will you get there? Find out via the slide deck below and in the State of the Connected Customer report.



The Future of Sales from Salesforce