The AppExchange has long been dedicated to helping Trailblazers find smart solutions that enable them to transform their businesses. That’s why, today, we’re launching a Smarter AppExchange, providing Trailblazers with a more personalized and easy-to-navigate customer experience than ever before.

According to a recent IDC study, organizations that build on the Lightning Platform saw a 545% return on investment over the last five years — with each organization surveyed gaining $8.82 million in productivity and revenue benefits.

Based on growth numbers of that magnitude, it might not come as a surprise that 88% of Salesforce customer orgs use AppExchange solutions, and that we have achieved nearly 6 million installs to date. Considering the volume of AppExchange customers, it’s imperative to ensure that anyone can find exactly what they need at the exact right time.

With a smarter AppExchange, any customer can log in to find the right solutions, faster — thanks to new features like Smarter Recommendations and Lightning Flow Actions. Read on for a deep-dive on these two intelligent features, designed for maximum customer #appyness.


Salesforce debuted new @appexchange features including smarter recommendations and Lightning flow automation. #appyness [Click to tweet]


1. Explore personalized suggestions with Smarter Recommendations


AppExchange now includes a “Recommended for You” page. Scroll through it to find suggested solutions based on customer location, install history, profile data, and more. Take a business that’s focused on reinventing project management, for example. As soon as Admins search for — or install — an app for online appointment scheduling, recommendations will surface relevant, complementary apps. These recommendations are also informed by the profile of other customers who’ve searched for or installed similar solutions.



2. Embrace automated processes with Lightning Flow Actions


New partner-built, drag-and-drop solutions unleash the full potential of automated business processes. With more than a dozen partner-built solutions now available for Flow Actions like running credit checks, posting to Slack, or generating quotes for loan processing. Flow Actions on AppExchange ensure every Lightning Flow is plugged into each customer’s data, apps, and services.


AppExchange is for every Salesforce customer — no matter the size of your company, your department, or the industry you’re trailblazing. We hope you’re as excited about a Smarter AppExchange as we are. Check it out here, and feel free to spread the #appyness on Twitter as you explore the new AppExchange!