Every company is on a journey to digital transformation: a journey that will transform their business from selling and delivering a physical product or asset, to delivering customer experiences tied to connected products. How far your company is on this journey depends on several factors: connected things, connectivity, IoT Platforms, CRM and where you stand in the current IoT investment/process.


The Reality of the IoT Market

In order for companies to succeed in IoT today, companies need to make sure they invest in these four key segments:

  • Things: Things in the world of IoT refers to the individual devices, machines, apps, sensors and so forth. IoT introduces the possibility that real-time event data can be used to create new, connected customer experiences and services that ultimately reduce operational downtime, improve customer outcomes and generate new opportunities for digital monetization.
  • Connectivity: This refers to evolving plain old “things” into connected things that transmit data over networks and other systems to the cloud. It also refers to how things connect to each other over networks and other systems. Wireless connectivity for devices, sensors and software is usually provided by the wireless carriers and companies that specialize in this area.
  • IoT Platforms: It takes sophisticated software to manage connected devices, keep their firmware up to date and store all the data they transmit. There are more than 600 IoT device management platforms including AWS and GCP.
  • Smarter CRM: Using the data that comes from all the connected things, you can create new kinds of customer experiences that proactively engage your customers across all lines of business. This includes data from how you service, market, and even build apps. And that's where Salesforce IoT comes in.


Supercharge Your CRM with Salesforce IoT

Salesforce IoT enables you to supercharge your CRM with data from any connected device and transform the way you engage with your customers. More often than not companies approach the challenge of connecting event data to CRM with code.

This is why we launched Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition— the low-code way for companies to collect IoT data and trigger actions with real-time rules to better service their customers. Salesforce IoT Explorer connects the Internet of Things to the customer experience and the world's number one CRM.

We've added even more features that will help you build your future with IoT and continue on your journey with IoT even faster:

  • Salesforce IoT Insights
  • IoT Apps on the Smarter AppExchange


Now Empower Everyone with Salesforce IoT Insights

Now with Salesforce IoT you can empower everyone to take action on IoT data with Salesforce IoT Insights. With IoT Insights, you have access to your asset data - current status, historical trends and readings - all in a single location. You can even surface this real-time IoT data anytime in a new lightning component that enables you to embed IoT data into your Service Console, community or any custom app with just a few clicks. This new feature allows you to take action where it matters to deliver the ultimate experience your customers desire.

Customers like Jacuzzi and Centrica Hive are a few among our early adopters that are already seeing the value of this new feature. You can hear more about their IoT strategies by attending our keynote at Dreamforce this year.

Coming Soon: Accelerate the Value of IoT with IoT Apps on the Smarter AppExchange

Later this year you'll be able to get started quicker on your IoT journey with IoT apps on the Smarter AppExchange. IoT Apps ecosystem simplifies IoT for our customers and enables partners to extend Salesforce IoT capabilities via pre-built integrations.

These pre-built, low-code partner apps help you supercharge your CRM and harness the power of IoT. Whether you need connectors, specialty applications like data analytics, vertical solutions, IoT services or a combination, you have everything you need in a single location so you can seamlessly accelerate the value of IoT by moving device data into Salesforce and build end-to-end IoT solutions faster than ever before.

On the flip side, partners can highlight their innovative solutions and industry experience to bring rapid time to value and increase accessibility of IoT data sources for all customers.

"Integration between IoT and CRM data can help companies drive business value from IoT data. Salesforce IoT focuses on this integration, and IoT Insights demonstrates the next step of this strategy, offering access to real-time device data that can empower service agents to create richer and more timely customer experiences," said Stacy Crook, IDC Research Director, Internet of Things. "Furthermore, by offering IoT Apps on the AppExchange, Salesforce is building an ecosystem which is critical to helping customers achieve success with their IoT projects."

According to Taksina Eammano, VP IoT GTM, “IoT Apps on the AppExchange brings together the IoT community in one place. We’re thrilled to have an ecosystem of tech partners, SIs and lab apps built to accelerate our customer’s journey to connected experiences.”


Here's what some of our partners are saying:

We’re excited to work with Salesforce to make digital transformation real for businesses by accelerating their IoT journey and delivering innovative, secure, scalable and intelligent solutions for their users and customers." - Mario Finnochario, Global Head of GTM, Google Cloud IoT

“The out-of-the-box integration between Salesforce IoT and Electric Imp’s IoT connectivity platform delivers a secure, scalable, device-to-enterprise offering covering the four key segments of the IoT Market. Customers can now significantly accelerate time to market and reduce technical risk, allowing them to drive real business value from their IoT solution.” - Padma Duvvuri, Head of Business Development, Electric Imp

“By combining Salesforce IoT Explorer Platform and Roambee’s business application for goods and asset monitoring, we are not only accelerating the adoption of IoT in the enterprise but also providing a “pay-as-you-go” way of scaling from few hundred assets to thousands in days." -- Sanjay Sharma, CEO, Roambee

“We learned a lot about how to tackle IoT-related challenges with Salesforce IoT. Our projects allowed us to address development matters in ways we have not done before.” - Marcos Solari, Oktana.io

"Partnering with Salesforce has helped us take a broader point of view of IoT as a method to drive business outcomes and not just using technology for technology's sake. Salesforce IoT has given us a way to accelerate our delivery of IoT projects by getting device data into the hands of the business owners that can reason and act. We're excited for the launch of IoT apps, so that we can easily help customers move from prototype to production scale quickly." - Dave Stanton, Director of IoT Partner Engineering, Wipro

“Salesforce IoT allows our customers to create entirely new products and services based on the value of their streaming device data. The IoT Marketplace is the next step in the product’s evolution, which allows Magnet360 to build industry-focused IoT Accelerators. We are excited to launch our Connected Manufacturing IoT Accelerator on the Salesforce IoT Marketplace.” Eric Scheel, CTO Magnet360


What do I do next?

For a deeper look into our new Salesforce IoT features, join us at the IoT Keynote at Dreamforce on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 10:30am PT.

You can also learn more about Salesforce IoT by taking a trail.

Also be sure to visit our IoT Apps page, and if interested in becoming an IoT Apps partner, fill out this form or join our Partner Community.