Let’s face it, being disruptive in today’s advertising market has its challenges. Emerging technology, new mediums, adjustments in consumption habits, changes in ad spend — these are just a few of the factors affecting how the media industry operates.

In particular, ad and content sales organizations face an uphill battle as reps grapple with an ever-increasing product portfolio, coupled with the reality that they’re going head to head with established internet media players that have a large share of the consumer mindset.

As traditional ad sales methods shift, it’s become clear that sales reps must equip themselves with the right digital tools in order to close deals quickly.


What’s Inside the E-book

With our new e-book, “Accelerate Media Sales — How to Drive Revenue in a Disruptive Advertising Market,” we share insight on the state of media consumption and trends in ad spend as well as changes in the competitive media landscape. We also shed light on new channels for driving revenue and how artificial intelligence has become a great disruptor.  

After reading the e-book, you’ll understand how to harness the power of mobile by bringing sales tools to the palm of your hand; how to integrate backend systems with other downstream processes; and how to employ artificial intelligence to deliver critical information to every rep, at every stage of the sales cycle.

Sound useful?  Download the e-book and discover how you and your sales organization can succeed in this ever-evolving landscape by taking advantage of the latest digital tools and technology.