With the seasons changing and the final months of 2018 ahead of us, are you looking at your 2018 to-do list and wondering how you'll get everything done? I know I am!

If you’re a Premier Success Plan customer, there is good news. You have a team of Salesforce experts to make sure you don't carry over any items from 2018 to 2019! Your Premier Success plan gives you exclusive access to coaching from Salesforce experts, best practices, review of up to 200 lines of code, and access to a team of certified Admins for routine configurations.

The final stretch of the year will be busy. Below are just some of the ways your Premier Success Plan can make sure you’re ready to tackle 2019:


1. Coaching from Salesforce experts

Accelerators are a great way to get your questions answered! These collaborative, virtual sessions with Salesforce experts help you drive adoption, use the newest features, get the insights you need, and increase your team’s productivity — without requiring a lengthy scope of work or major time commitment. Some popular topics covered include governance, getting the most out of sales forecasting, Journey Builder strategy, Lightning configuration, and customization. It’s your fast track to becoming a Trailblazer.


2. Free up time with Admin Assist (for Premier+ customers only)

Does your end-of-year list include time-consuming tasks like creating new users, updating a large number of records, or creating new reports and dashboards for the year ahead? Our Premier+ Success Plan can help you with all of those tasks. You can get time back in your day while putting our certified Admins to work for you. There are over 100 tasks available across all clouds. Then, you’ll be able to focus on the more strategic items on your to-do list.


3. Get an extra set of eyes on your code

Are you working on year-end projects that require Apex or Visualforce code? Developer Support can ensure you’re following the latest developer guide for creating Force.com pages in both Apex and Visualforce. Developer Support can also help you troubleshoot Salesforce error messages you may encounter. Need some help debugging code? Developer Support will also analyze, debug, and provide recommendations for up to 200 lines of code.


Still not sure where to start? Take our quick, 2 question survey to get personalized tips on how Premier Success can help you best. Here's to making 2019 the best year yet!