According to Salesforce’s “State of the Connected Customer” report, 80% of consumers are willing to share relevant information with companies to receive consistent interactions across every channel.


Two of those channels are email and digital advertising.


In Salesforce’s webinar, “Clever vs. Creepy: How Retailers Listen & Engage Using Email and DMP,” you’ll find out how to shore up your email marketing efforts, enhance digital ad targeting with a data management platform or DMP, and then combine the two to listen to and engage with consumers wherever they are.


Here are three things you’ll hear about:


1. Maximize your email marketing


To get the most out of your email marketing program, it’s important to make opting in to emails simple, provide an easily accessible preference center, and use progressive profiling to gather more consumer data over time.


2. Deliver targeted ads with first-party data


Across multiple channels, including social, you can leverage customer data from your DMP to expand your target audience (for example, with Facebook lookalike audiences), acquire new customers, and optimize experiences by suppressing ads to customers who have already made a purchase.


3. Grow your audience with email and DMP together


Email platforms have traditionally used customer relationship management (CRM) data to deliver personalized emails, while DMPs use data to serve relevant digital ads. Find out how Salesforce is bringing these two solutions together to enhance cross-channel listening and engagement.


Watch the full webinar to take a deeper dive into how you can listen to and engage with consumers using a DMP and email.