According to the State of the Connected Customer report, 79% of consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Increasingly, consumers also expect those experiences to be personalized just for them.


Creating personalized customer experiences at scale is a lot of work — but not to worry. To deliver personalization at scale, there are a number of things brands can do to simplify and streamline the process of creating meaningful, personalized content.


Simplify personalization with a content repository


Many brands understand that personalization is key to building lasting, loyal relationships with customers. However, some brands — especially ones that are growing — face the problem of scaling their efforts across their entire audience.


Much like you can alleviate the burden of repetitive, manual tasks with marketing automation, you can also alleviate the complexity of campaign building by storing email templates, web pages, and content blocks in a content repository. By having a content repository to draw from, your marketing team can focus on creating meaningful, personalized experiences for your customers, instead of spending their time building out the details of every campaign.


Reach every segment with dynamic content


Dynamic content is a powerful addition to any marketing toolbox. It empowers you to target different segments of your audience with precise, personalized content automatically — without the hassle of manually manipulating your data.


How does dynamic content work? Let's say a travel and hospitality company wants to send its customers discounted, last-minute travel specials. Using dynamic content, the company's marketing team can send a single email that features travel deals based on a customer's specific location. For example, a customer in Chicago would receive an email featuring a discounted round-trip flight to/from Tampa, Florida, while a customer in Tampa would receive the same email featuring a special flight price to/from New York City.


This is a simple example demonstrating the potential of dynamic content. Imagine being able to send personalized content to your audience based on purchase history or even local weather forecasts – all within one email build. 


With dynamic content, your marketing team can achieve the meaningful personalization your audience expects at a manageable scale. Learn how you can build emails using dynamic content within Marketing Cloud.


Additionally, Content Builder is our cross-channel content repository for Marketing Cloud. Features like drag-and-drop editing, Einstein predictive intelligence, and an open API make it easier to plan and execute personalized cross-channel campaigns. You can combine data from your CRM, tools like Sitecore and DropBox, and a collaborative interface to build personalized journeys for every customer across every channel.


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