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36 Free Resources to Give Your Small Business a Boost

36 Free Resources to Give Your Small Business a Boost

It’s National Small Business Week, and to celebrate the achievements of small businesses everywhere, we share these free resources to help your business grow.

It’s National Small Business Week, and once again we’re celebrating the achievements of small businesses everywhere. As is now tradition, we’re back with this year’s edition of new and free resources to help grow your business in every way possible. Be sure to check out last year’s list if you missed it.


  1. 2019 Salesforce Small and Medium Business Trends [research]. We asked 2,000+ small and medium business (SMB) owners and leaders what drives and shapes their work.
  2. 500+ Free Sample Business Plans [website]. Whether you’re writing a new business plan or revising your existing one, make it easier by drawing upon these free examples with plans from across more than 20 different industries.
  3. Growth Supply Freebies [website]. Find free tools and resources to grow business for entrepreneurs and startups, spanning all aspects of your business.
  4. Stripe Atlas Guides [website]. Stripe worked with experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts to give you actionable guidance on how to run the business side of your company.
  5. [website]. With information on starting out, business laws, loans, and grants, the Small Business Administration website provides a plethora of resources and help for small businesses.
  6. Kicking off 2019: A Year Poised for Small Business Growth and Innovation [website]. Dell Technologies’ Small Business group looks at some of the most memorable small business milestones in 2018, and how they will shape the year to come.
  7. 5 Business Trends That Will Continue to Rise in 2019 [article]. From personalization to social responsibility, these five trends will define the business landscape in 2019.
  8. The Best Small Business Opportunities for 2019 [blog]. Quick picks for the best new small businesses to start, based on current trends in business and demographics.
  9. 6 Ways CRM Helps You Grow Your Business [online guide]. Learn how customer relationship management technology can help you manage your customer relationships efficiently and effectively to grow your business.
  10. Hands-On Salesforce Essentials Workshops [online events]. Connect with live experts on tips and guidance setting up Salesforce Essentials, the #1 CRM built for small businesses.

Team, culture, and leadership building

  1. 12 Daily Ways to Communicate Company Culture [article]. From daily huddles to showing appreciation, entrepreneurs share impactful ways to build positive company culture.
  2. Seven Steps for Creating a Strong Company Culture at Your Business [blog]. Startups should think of culture like breathing — pretend your company can’t live without it, and chances are, it can’t. Here are seven questions to help define your company culture.
  3. 10 Salesforce Leaders Share Predictions for 2019 [blog]. Product leaders, marketers, and visionaries discuss what the future holds for CRM and beyond.

Diversity and inclusion

  1. The Impact of Equality and Values-Driven Business [research]. Over 1,500 professionals share their insights on workplace equality and values-driven leadership.
  2. 15 Small Business Resources for Women Entrepreneurs [blog]. From business development programs to books and podcasts, this well-rounded list includes information, advice, and inspiration sure to help women business owners kickstart their entrepreneurial dreams.
  3. 5 Online Communities LGBT Entrepreneurs Need to Know About [blog]. Every business needs help to thrive, and finding a supportive community can be especially key for minority business owners. For any LGBT entrepreneur looking to start a business or find resources to help run one, these online communities could become your new virtual best friend.
  4. 5 Easy Steps Your Small Business Can Take to Build a More Diverse and Inclusive Workforce [blog]. The research bears it out: Beyond being good for humanity, diversity and inclusion is good business. Try these five proven and practical steps SMBs can take to start working towards a diverse workforce.
  5. Trailhead: Cultivate Equality at Work [e-learning]. Reflect on the value of diversity and inclusion at work and what you can do to promote equality.
  6. Trailhead: Equality Ally Strategies [e-learning]. Learn practical ways you can become an ally and promote equality for all.


  1. B2B Marketing Trends: Insights from the Frontlines of B2B Marketing [ebook]. This set of clear benchmarks shows B2B marketers how to succeed today, as well as new ideas for how to prepare for future industry changes.
  2. Marketing Resources and Advice [website]. A broad collection of resources, tips, and strategies geared toward helping small businesses make their marketing more effective.
  3. Accelerate Your Growth with These Free SMB Content Marketing Resources [website]. Free tools and guides to help small businesses develop killer content marketing plans with small teams and limited resources.


  1. 4 Foolproof Sales Tips for the Business Owner [infographic]. From sales cycles to value propositions, these tips can help small business owners sell better by understanding how sales works.
  2. Seven Reasons Your Small Business Is Not Generating Sales [article]. Want to generate more revenue for your SMB? Learn how to close deals.
  3. Sales, Marketing, and PR Resources [website]. A regularly updated collection of courses, conferences, and webinars dedicated to helping small businesses sell (and market) more effectively.
  4. Essential Sales Skills for the Small Business Owner [website]. From knowing the sales funnel to learning patience, check out these essential tips and skills that all small business owners need.
  5. Successful Sales Tips for Small Business Owners [website]. Tips, tools, and advice to help SMB owners improve their sales skills. Topics range from elevator pitches to negotiations.


  1. 5 Customer Service Tips to Help Your Small Business Stand Out  [blog]. A few tricks to pull out of your hat when it comes to offering customer service that goes above and beyond.
  2. The 4 Biggest Customer Service Challenges for Small Businesses [blog]. Customers often expect SMBs to provide service with “that personal touch,” even though small businesses are usually strapped for resources. Here are four common service small business hurdles and tips for clearing them.
  3. What is Self Service? [article]. Welcome to the age of DIY. Customers love self-service, and it can be a great way to offer faster and better service while reducing costs. Learn all about self-service options for customers and employees.
  4. What is a Help Desk? [article]. Offering great customer service is essential, no matter the industry. See how help desk software can help small businesses offer big-time service.
  5. 145 New Service Business Ideas for 2019 [blog]. Good service never goes out of style. If you’re thinking about starting a service-oriented small business, here are 100+ ideas to consider.
  6. The Internet’s 18 Absolute Best Small Business Forums [blog]. Sure, these cover more than service, but good service touches every aspect of a small business. Connect with business owners and industry experts alike on these top SMB forums.


  1. HR for Small Business: The Ultimate Guide [website]. If you’ve had trouble with employee retention, recruitment, management, or workplace culture (and who hasn’t?), this comprehensive guide is for you.
  2. Stripe Atlas Guide to Employment [website]. An explainer of legal considerations to keep in mind as you grow your team, covering employment status, intellectual property, payroll, and more.
  3. Docracy [website]. This open-source collection of legal documents shouldn’t replace professionally reviewed contracts, but it can save you time and money getting started on your own.

Have you seen our Small Business Resources page? Our success center shares the very best of our Salesforce expertise to help and inspire. Got more questions about your growing business? No problem — Head over to our SMB Community to find answers and connect with other small and midsize businesses. Keep an eye out for Small Business Week blog posts every day this week to help your small business blaze a trail to growth.

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